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Partnering with Nature is humanity's new operating system.

Partnering with Nature replaces the old mindset of domination, control, and superiority with attitudes and actions of connecting, cooperating, and collaborating with the consciousness and intelligence of Nature.  Partnering with Nature is a two-way, respectful, and committed relationship in which people connect with both the Spirits and the physical forms of trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems, ask them about their lives, seek to come from their points of view, and consciously collaborate to provide mindful healing methods.'s Purpose and Mission:

We turn “partner” into a verb, an action word.  At this website, “to partner” refers to both people and the Plant Kingdom together!  

“To partner’ means

  • to operate together in equal collaboration—not seeking control but in dynamic balance,
  • to work together like a team toward a common goal,
  • to live mutually—coming from each other’s point of view— in the kind of harmony that causes unity,
  • and to be of service to each other.'s promises all interested people,

… if you engage as a partner with Nature by using ideas, practices, and methods you learn here

  • you--along with your trees, plants, crops, forests, ecosystems, and planet--will heal from the inside-out,
  • your Spirit will expand and feel peaceful,
  • your life will become more meaningful,
  • your world will evolve into a positive future on a more livable planet.'s GOALS:

  1. stimulate people to become active and respectful partners with trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems as equal in value and consciousness.
  2. foster profound inner experiences that switch on environmentally sounds new behaviors.  
  3. energize mutual healing between trees and people.
  4. teach revolutionary new methods that can heal and protect all—humans and the plant kingdom— from the damaging effects of climate extremes.
  5. be a leader in restoring a livable planet for all. also makes a promise to the trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems of our world:

… that the Plant Kingdom and other living beings will receive inner healing and protective methods so that they can
  • regain inner health without harmful products or invasive methods,
  • be empowered to withstand climate extremes,
  • be enabled to reunite into their local, regional, and global communities,
  • have the opportunity to thrive and fulfill their own mission(s) on this planet.

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Our Team:

Ms. Basia Alexander, Co-Founder
  • Innovator in the new field of Conscious Co-Creativity
  • Catalyst for positive change toward a livable planet
  • Expert Nature communicator and Earth Element intuitive
  • Master Teacher at
  • Passionate writer and speaker on topics of health, personal transformation, creativity, and spirituality
  • Produces innovative curriculum; give structure to our methodologies
  • Co-author of the popular Tree Whispering series of books
  • Workshop leader, teacher, and faculty at prestigious institutions
  • Director of BioBalia Institute’s initiatives: BioBalia Institute School and Tree Protector.
  • Publishing executive
  • Bioenergy healer
  • Container gardener
Dr. Jim Conroy, Co-Founder,
  • Visionary expert on Nature-based communication
  • Provides professional services on properties, estates, forests, parks, and large gardens
  • Global authority on leading-edge consciousness-based approaches to tree, plant, crop, forest and ecosystem health
  • Master Teacher at
  • Impassioned keynote speaker for public and professional groups
  • Innovator in the field of invasive organism issues
  • Co-creator of Tree Whispering® and Green Centrics® systems
  • Co-author of the popular Tree Whispering series of books
  • Workshop leader, teacher, and faculty at prestigious institutions
  • Researcher
  • Co-Founder of BioBalia Institute
  • Organic Landcare certification
  • Business start-up coach
  • Rose Grower
We're a very small company--now. But we will be growing.

Perhaps you want to join us? There will be lots of opportunities available as time goes on.

  • marketing coordinator
  • website contributor
  • local group leader
  • Forest Restoring Walks and Talks leader
  • Green Centrics practitioner

If you are interested, please Contact us.

Meet Our Content Contributors

Co-Authors Basia Alexander and Jim Conroy

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Both founders enjoy teaching together

Basia Alexander for UPSHIFTED IDEAS

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Platefuls of transformational ideas.

Basia Alexander for

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Champion of Partnering with Nature. Teacher.

Jim Conroy, PhD, Plant Pathology & The Tree Whisperer

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--Could Be You--

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Looking for tree-loving, nature partners to contribute to this blog, and blogs at our sister websites. Also looking for healing practitioners passionate about this work.

Think about things differently.

It is a globally unique online school offering:

  • Practical Information
  • Empowering Experiences of Connection
  • Inner Healing and Mutual Healing
  • Skills and Methods
  • Realistic Hope for a Positive Future

BioBalia Institute’s motto is “Save Trees, Empower People, Restore a Livable Planet.” is an initiative of BioBalia Institute.

BioBalia Institute is committed to empowering the emergence of the condition of “BIO”LOGY in “BAL”ANCE in ecosystems and for the restoration of a livable planet.  

BioBalia Institute’s goals are (1) mutual healing between trees and people and (2) protection for all from the damaging effects of climate extremes so that the planet may become livable again for all.

... is our store. It contains our 7 books and other products.

Plant Kingdom Communications Publishing is our publishing arm.
These are all 7 of our books in publication order.
  1. Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover's Guide
  2. Tree Whispering: Trust the Path Notebook and Journal
  3. The Tree Whisperer's 10 Tree and Plant Insights
  4. People Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy
  5. Messages from Trees Coloring and Activity Book for the Young and Young-at-Heart
  6. Live and Let Live: How Multidimensional Collaboration Heals Ecosystems
  7. Live and Let Live: Enlightened Stewardship

And there a few more waiting in the wings for us to just sit down  and pull our notes together.