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I have a vision for a new way that people and Nature can work together toward the
goals of mutual healing between trees and people, and protection for all from the damaging effects of climate extremes.
FYI, I also have my own website,
TheTreeWhisperer.com. It's filled with a lot more detail about my research studies, my methods, and my ongoing innovations in consciousness-based collaborative
healing for the Plant Kingdom.

How do I do my work?

I have my Phd in Plant Pathology, so I am a scientist and I know how scientists operate.  I worked for over 30 years in the large corporate agricultural chemical industry. But since I had a life-changing flash of insight in 2002, I am now a Master Nature Communicator, The Tree Whisperer®, and the developer of Dimensional LightWork.

I get inside the tree’s world when I use my intuitive perception, sensory sensitivity, and my emotional feelings with trees. I receive knowings about how their inner functionality is compromised. By “inner functionality” I mean systems such as photosynthesis, circulation, respiration, uptake, and growth--to name only a few. I also mean the synergy of those systems in relation to food breakdown and food distribution, as well as the state of balance or imbalance within circulating fluids.

I also come to know how they--as sentient and dimensional Beings living as part of an intelligent ecosystem--are connected within their communities. Since 2003, I have experience with interacting inside trees' bioenergy patterns, I have come to understand that trees are at least as dependent upon their connections with other trees for their state of health as they are on their own internal functionality.

This is not the conventional understanding. But conventional understandings are embedded in the invisible assumptions that are made in culture about how the world operates.  In the western culture those assumptions are generally that "things" are separate and that people can control things.

The way the separation idea plays out with trees is that people think that a single trunk is a tree.  In the tree's world, it is not.  
In the tree's world, the whole community is the tree.  And community can be of either same species or of a variety of species.

As an analogy, you think you are an individual and you are.  But you are also part of various communities.  You may be part of a family, a company, a spiritual group, school alumni, a sporting team or may be a fan of some sport or cultural icon.So, in your world, you also ARE the community and the community IS you. We are all connected.

The way the control idea plays out with trees is that people think that  scientific research gives them superiority so that they can do what they think is right for trees and other ecosystem members.

I say, “Ask the Tree” what is right for it.  Many scientists don't think that they should use their innate perceptive and intuitive abilities to actively engage and converse with the sentience of Nature. But they can. I use my scientific knowledge to ask the trees the right questions.

To be in the tree’s world means to get insight. I encourage people to make the leap (and it takes courage) into touching trees, feeling connection with trees, and asking trees' sentience or consciousness about how they live their lives.

That's how I do my work.

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Innovative New Approaches for People and Nature Working Together in Partnership

How do I describe my work? That's easy. HEALING ECOLOGICAL DAMAGE.

In other words, going beyond conventional remediation or replanting efforts to actually HEAL the inner functionality of trees, plants, ecosystems that have been damaged by changes in the global climate, pollution, and people's interference. Here's an analogy: People can be healed; their inner heath can be restored. You don't "cut someone down" just because they are sick. Trees, plants, and whole ecosystems can also be healed; their inner health and interconnectivity can be restored. Humanity needs its old forests and all of their species.

Basia's and my vision is an extension of that idea: A LIVABLE PLANET. Right now, the planet is heading toward conditions wherein the planet cannot support humanity. Certainly, practical things need to be done such as reducing carbon emissions and living more lightly on the earth. But to truly restore livability requires more than just replanting. I have discovered that even young trees will not survive without the synergy of healthy interconnectivity and the right conditions of the elements in both physical and dimensional spaces. In other words, we can't expect even young trees to just grow any more. The whole environment is too sick.

There is hope. We humans can do extraordinary healings by engaging directly with the Beings of Nature and by using the focus of our attention and the intention of our consciousness to interact with Nature Beings' consciousness. Yes, Beings of Nature are conscious Beings. So Basia (my co-founder) and I have developed new, exciting methods -- simple and easy -- that will heal and empower Nature and empower and heal people, too. Thousands of people world-wide have already used these innovations with positive results.

Please go to my website: TheTreeWhisperer.com. There, you'll find extensive information about my consciousness-based, collaborative healing work with trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems... and my research projects since 2003.