Our Missions

About Us

We are committed to 6 missions here at PartnerWithNature.org. They work in synergy on this site. Please enjoy your visit!

  1. Offer new and innovative understandings
  2. Invite people to heal ecological damage
  3. Cause an upgrade in people's framework of thought
  4. Stand for this idea whose time has come: Partnering with Nature
  5. Empower people and empower Nature
  6. CoCreate a Transformed World

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Positioning and Unique Selling Promise:

The Unique Promise: 

Upgrading people’s mindset and offering them HEALING methods--including communication, collaboration, and co-creation with Nature—so that they PARTNER WITH NATURE to bring forth healthy trees, plants, ecosystems, and a livable planet.  

How the promise is accomplished:  
  1. Upshifting the human mindset to partnership is accomplished through inspiration, information, teaching, personal experiences, and in our internet community.
  2. To restore inner health in trees, plants, and ecosystems, people partner with Nature by using treatments or whispering methods that heal dysfunctions  caused by various stressors including human interferences and climate change. 
  3. People use our proprietary methods to restore Nature’s community and the corresponding connection, flow, and interactions in trees, plants, and ecosystems.
  4. People and Nature Beings become a unified whole, engaging in direct exchange of communication, collaboration, and co-creation.   

Mission 1: Offer New and Innovative Understandings

This is co-founder Jim Conroy, PhD, also known as The Tree Whisperer®, giving a low-tech talk to a group at a garden center.

He is explaining one of the fundamental principles of Partnering with Nature: Trees and Plants are Alive!

What are some of the other new and innovative understandings that we talk about?

  • People can act in conscious, respectful, and purposeful collaboration with the living beings of Nature.
  • Ecological damage can be healed--trees, plants and other Nature beings can respond to human healing efforts that use bioenergy and consciousness-based methods
  • ‍It’s possible to cocreate a transformed world and live on a livable planet.  

All these ideas are covered in more detail in our Blog.

Mission 2: Invite People to Heal Ecological Damage

We all know that trees, plants, animals, and all Nature beings (including people) are stressed and sick from climate extremes.  The environment has been damaged.  It’s true that we have to do the practical things, but those won’t actually HEAL the stress and the damage.  It’s up to people to restore environmental health by interacting directly with trees and other Nature beings.

Using methods that are based in open-mindedness, the bioenergy of the heart, modern energy-medicine, and the new science of intentionality, people can easily help Nature beings regain health.  

Human consciousness interacts with the deep intelligence in Nature through what we call Healing Whispers® and Climate Whispers®.  

Whispers are intentional messages you convey from your heart and mind, kinda like prayers.  But the difference is that we provide the words that contain the exact information that Nature beings need in order to regain inner functionality.  You’ll find our carefully designed sets of Healing and Climate Whispers on this site, all available for FREE.  

Mission 3: Cause an Upgrade in People's Framework of Thought

Don’t despair.  There are new ideas, a higher level of thinking where solutions to ecological problems exist.  What’s possible is a mutual partnership between people like YOU and the Beings of Nature so that ecological problems—such as pollution and climate change—might be reversed in the most amazing and even unexpected ways.

Starting in about the 1600’s and up until now, the current culture’s way of thinking can be reduced to 3 attitudes about Nature: (1) people can control Nature, (2) people need to dominate Nature, and (3) science is superior to Nature

I think you’ll agree that those ideas haven’t worked out very well for Nature.

Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.”

He also said: “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.  You must learn to see the world anew.”

Following Albert’s advice, we are offering an UPSHIFTED network of ideas we think will be more livable and sustainable for all Beings on Earth.  Dr. Jim and I believe that this upshift in thinking about Nature will result in planetary ecological recover and in people being empowered and thriving.  

Mission 4: Stand for this idea whose time has come: Partnering With Nature.

Victor Hugo said,  “All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come. Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come.  One can resist the invasion of an army but one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.”

What is an idea whose time has come?  It's probably best to cite examples:

  • US President Kennedy said, "A Man on the Moon by the end of the decade."
  • The end of slavery and the passage of the US Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • Airplane Flight
  • Eradication of Smallpox globally
  • Development of Computers and Cell Phones
An idea whose time has come is unstoppable.  

Why is Partnering with Nature such an amazing idea?  Because it’s not a list of things to do, it’s a WAY TO BE.  When you are “being” in partnership, then the right actions flow naturally.  

And, humanity has few options now.  The old controlling ways just aren’t sustainable, but living in cooperation and collaboration with Nature is sustainable and will result in a thriving world for ALL.

Mission 5: Empower You and Empower Nature

How does partnering empower both you and Nature?

When people started to use our holistic bioenergy-healing methods (the Storm Prep Whispers) to protect and fortify their trees as Hurricane Sandy was approaching the northeast USA, people responded immediately by doing 2 things: they forwarded the Whispers to friends who were also in the path of the storm and they wrote back to me saying that they felt “empowered.”  They no longer felt helpless or hopeless for the their trees in the face of the strong hurricane that was predicted to do so much damage.  They chose to PARTNER WITH NATURE.

In other words, there was SOMETHING THEY COULD DO that would make a difference to their trees and to themselves.  That’s empowerment!

That ability to act, especially in the face of danger, gives you confidence in yourself and better feelings about having what you need to live.  The capability to do whatever works means that you can have—will have—what you most want.

Mission 6: CoCreate a Transformed World

CoCreativity is a mutual endeavor between equal partners trying to bring about some worthy result.  

The term “cocreativity” as used with Nature means:

  • consulting the intelligence of Nature Beings,
  • collaborating with Nature as a whole,
  • working with other high intelligences,
  • and including human scientific information.

What about cocreating a transformed world?  

First of all, people’s use of heart-mind-spirit bioenergy approaches such as Tree Whispering and Climate Whispering will address the healing of ecological damage in order to bring forth a livable planet. That is transformational.

Second, when people envision the world they want to live in and then tell a new story about it, well, that’s highly transformational, too.  

Why?  The actions you take flow from your vision.   It’s like making vacation plans.  Once you’ve picked a place to go and made the hotel reservations for a specific date, everything you do leading toward that is done with the vision and knowledge of your intentions for that trip.  You go forward into that future.  

So, when you envision a transformed world—living in freedom, working collaboratively, being healthy and whole, on a livable planet where 'everybody wins'—you are cocreating a transformed world.  

All 6 Missions work in synergy on this website! Enjoy your experience here!