BioBalia Institute

Empowering Emergent Ecosystems

What is BioBalia?

It's a word we coined from a longer phrase --"Cooperative BioBalance"-- to point to the emergence of a higher level of ecosystem when all living beings (including people) are properly interconnected, cooperating, in balance, and in sync at multiple levels.

In other words, when:

  • all of the component parts and systems of trees are working in concert within and between each other ... and in partnership, in balance, and in sync with the classical elements of earth, air, fire, and water...
  • and all of the area's trees are communicating via bioenergy and consciousness to share information in concert...
  • and because the trees are the anchors for all of the living beings and conscious forms of an ecosystem, including people, all of the ecosystem members are interconnected properly because they are all feeding each other and functionally connected in partnership, in harmony, and in sync ...
  • then synergy (collaboration, cooperation, alliance, synchronicity, unity) occurs and a new level of being arises. Something new emerges never before seen.

What emerges is a new living condition of BioBalia. You could say that is a kind of a new living being with a new consciousness that is greater than the sum of all of those parts.

Just as you--as a living being--are greater than the sum of your body's organs and your mental and emotional aspects, any location on earth can arise which we call "BioBalia." All of the component parts are operating in connection, in partnership, in balance, in sync, and in synergy. When and where-ever this occurs, something new and unpredictable includes all of the part and also transcends all of the parts. We call this "BioBalia."

BioBalia as an Idea

Much of people's work with Nature today is just "shuffling the chairs"-- rearranging existing ideas. BioBalia is a new, innovative idea whose time has come.

BioBalia is an idea that asks for a new, higher paradigm of thought in humanity. BioBalia is the consciousness of a new whole, greater than the sum of its parts, whereby all of the Beings of Nature, conscious forms (such as oceans, waterways, mountains, the land itself), the elemental forces, and people are connected and interconnected as one in a functional relationship that supports all the goals of all beings (not just people) and fulfills the purposes of all in the universe.

BioBalia Institute is committed to empowering the emergence of the condition of BioBalia in ecosystems.

BioBalia Institute has a vision and 2 missions:

With our commitment to empowering emergent ecosystems, BioBalia Institute sponsors all educational talks, classes, webinars. It is also the sponsoring organization for research studies, initiatives, and philanthropic works.

  • Vision: The emergence of BioBalia is empowered in local and global ecosystems. Ecological damage is healed and the planet becomes livable again. The skills of coming from another’s point of view and our unique approach to enlightened stewardship are ideas and mindful methods that become widespread among people.  New kinds of mindful, holistic, respectful, and sustainable practices come into normal use by people on Earth.  
  • Mission for People with Nature: BioBalia Institute's educational offerings lead the way globally in generating the paradigm shift to the mindset of partnering with Nature and the practices of communication, collaboration, and co-creation with Nature. The human framework of thought and cultural practices are UPSHIFTED to Partnering with Nature. People join into the condition of BioBalia in any area as an integral component of the new whole, greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Mission for Nature including people: The Institute supports the development and successful use of leading edge mindful, holistic, energy-medicine, and dimensional lightwork methodologies that reconnect, heal, and restore peaceful coherence among all living Beings and conscious forms so that Nature's healthy dynamic balance can be restored on Earth. No products whatsoever are used. Reappearance of native life and natural habitats occurs in such revived ecosystems.

CoFounders of BioBalia Institute

That's us: Dr. Jim Conroy and me, Basia Alexander.

We are tree lovers. And further than trees, we decided to co-create the BioBalia Institute in order to make a difference in raising human culture's framework of thought to partnership with Nature and to ultimately support a livable planet by empowering emergent ecosystems.

We wanted to have an educational "arm" that would be able to sponsor all of our good works. Everything we do and everything we learn while we are doing philanthropic works gets recycled back into everything we teach.

This photo shows us traveling in California, USA in May, 2021. Mt. Shasta is behind us. However we travel all of the USA and will travel the entire world, doing philanthropic work to heal ecological damage.

If you are interested in asking us to speak to your group, please Contact Us by email. You can also always use this "Join Now" button to get announcements.

Institute's Educational Offerings

There are many opportunities to learn:

  • Online Introductions and short videos - both free and at nominal cost.
  • Books, written materials, downloadable PDFs, and e-books
  • Learning Experiences such as classes and webinars
  • We give talks, either live on online
  • Special events that come up periodically

Sponsoring Research Studies

BioBalia Institute supports Dr. Jim Conroy's many research studies:

Sponsoring these Initiatives and more...

Yes, BioBalia Institute sponsors this website. serves the growing community of people who want to shift their approach to Nature  toward partnership.  People seek partnership with Nature so that they and all Beings on Earth can mutually survive, strengthen each other, and thrive. At the site, people can learn, find awe-inspiring information, receive practical direction, and do spiritual, environmental, family-oriented, holistic, or galvanizing activities.  If interested, people can make progress on a suggested path of activities or join with others in like-hearted community.  


leads a grass-roots movement wherein participants use the practice of offering pre-set intentional messages from their hearts to the Living Beings of Nature as well as to Earth as a whole so as to mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

Inspires tree-loving people to self-fulfillment, holistic pro-action, tree advocacy, eco-spirituality, and creative thinking so that all living Beings—including people—can be healthy and have a continuously renewable future.

Philanthropic Works

BioBalia Institute sponsors the philanthropic work that Dr. Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander do at climate crisis locations.  

For example, Dr. Jim and I have been to California at least 14 times between 2016 and 2021. We go to address climate-related ecological damage such as drought, fire, storms, mud slides, and more. Our work helps the trees and other ecosystem members prepare for, deal with, or recover from the climate extremes.  

The Ways to Partner Blog contains numerous posts about these philanthropic works.

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