A Mindfulness Exercise for Connecting with a Nature Being

Like doing any Mindfulness process, this exercise sets up a figure-8 of breath and energy going between you and a tree or plant n order to begin to communication.  

You should be receiving positive information and pleasant sensations, not pain or discomfort of any kind. If you feel pain anywhere inside your body, stop the process immediately. Develop strong, healthy personal and psychological boundaries before you connect with and work with a tree, plant, or other.

Use good, common sense to take care of yourself.

Read through these steps and decide whether you feel comfortable doing the exercise.  If you do not feel comfortable or have any concern whatsoever, do not do it.

  • Make sure you are in a pleasant and private place where you won’t be interrupted for 15-20 minutes.
  • You may want to close your eyes, if you are comfortable doing that.  
  • Do this exercise standing or sitting privately with a tree.  
  • Or, you may be indoors and have a plant near you that you can touch.
  • Have your notebook/journal handy to write down some notes about your experiences.
  • It’s best to make notes immediately in case you don’t remember later.  

Two Connection Cycles - A stream of air or breath. Transmitting and Receiving.

  1. Go to a tree or plant. Put your hands or fingers on the tree or plant, or lean your back against the tree.
  2. Breathe deeply but comfortably.
  3. Imagine that stream of breath or air coming into your heart area from the tree/plant and going out your belly area back to the tree/plant.  
  4. On the incoming stream of breath/air, imagine the Life Force and bioenergy of the tree/plant connecting with you.
  5. On the outgoing stream of breath/air, imagine your Life Force and bioenergy connecting with the tree/plant.  
  6. Continue to make the cycle of connection for a few minutes.  

Even if you don’t feel anything, even if you have a flow of unrelated thoughts, the tree’s or plant’s Life Force is coming in at your heart area and your Life Force is going to the tree or plant from your belly area. It’s a mutual exchange of caring or love.

  1. Now, imagine that the tree/plant is a transmitting tower.  Imagine that it is sending out something like cellular signals or energy waves in all directions.
  2. Imagine that you are a receiver.  Imagine that you can tune to the station or answer its call and receive the tree’s or plant’s waves.  
  3. Imagine the reverse.  You are a transmitting tower and the tree/plant is a receiver, receiving your waves.
  4. Imagine the signals overlapping.  Imagine that the tree/plant and you are making a circular, two-way, transmitting-and-receiving cycle.
  5. Continue to make the cycle of overlapping transmissions for a few minutes.  

Even if you don’t feel anything, even if you have a flow of unrelated thoughts, the tree’s or plants Life signals are coming toward you and your signals are going to the tree/plant. It’s a mutual exchange of information.

  1. Open your awareness to any message that the tree/plant might be transmitting to you.
  2. Then, transmit a message of kindness or love to the tree/plant.  
  3. Breathe in and out easily and gently.  Allow yourself to enjoy the exchange of messages for several minutes.
  4. Thank the tree or plant for making the connection with you.  

Write down a few brief phrases to remind you of your experience.  Let the words flow freely from your heart without editing or judgement.

Connecting with trees or plants, and Nature Communication can be that easy.

For more exercises and classes in connecting with trees and plants and in Nature Communication, please go to our school.

Apr 2, 2019
Connect with Trees & Nature
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