Open Minded

Trees and plants are alive.

Does that statement seem absolutely true or do you have difficulty with it?

If you are not sure whether you believe it or not, that's okay. We'll only ask that you be open-minded to the possibility.

The Historical Context for your Beliefs

For centuries, western culture's belief system held that Nature should be exploited and "tortured for her secrets." That statement was made by a 17th century philosopher, Francis Bacon; credited with being influential throughout the scientific revolution. Much good has come to humanity from the scientific revolution. But during its development and even now, much harm has come to Nature. It was assumed that Nature Beings were not alive and that they didn't possess consciousness.

The devaluing of Nature and the assumption that scientific observation was the only valid approach limited many people's potential for expanded sensory awareness and intuitive perception. You, yourself, may have been limited by that structure of beliefs handed down over the centuries which put humanity above all else and de-sacralized the world.

The first idea to embrace with your open mind is that trees, plants, and Nature Beings are, in fact, alive. They have their own consciousness. This realization--an awakening to spirit in all life--has started to spread in Western culture since the 1930's.

(For more information, please read Chapter 4 of Edmund J. Bourne's book Global Shift.)

Heart Centered

Words are inadequate.

Willing to Listen

On the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina--It's a beautiful autumn day and lots of people are enjoying the color.  They jump out of their cars at the pull-offs, gaze for a moment or take a quick selfie.  

But, Dr. Jim and I notice that they are not taking the few extra moments to “listen” to the living Beings in the scene.

What can you do?  Take that extra moment to become peaceful inside and then LISTEN carefully.  

You might feel a bit fuzzy.

Here’s a metaphor:  “Tune in” to Nature’s wisdom as if you were set to its frequency and were turning dial or setting up to a higher number.  You will be able to get information through your sensory awareness or your intuition.  

All those beautiful trees that are putting on the colorful show have information for us.

They are saying, "We are stressed with climate change.  We are not healthy! All of the living beings in our ecosystems are not bio-energetically connected.  Please help us!"

Open to Possibilities

With your open mind, loving heart, and ability to listen possibilities arise…. such as:

  • trees have goals
  • insects can make an agreement
  • ecosystem members can thrive in harmony
  • the extremes of the planet's ecological imbalances can be healed
  • humanity can co-create a livable world in partnership with Nature.

All those possibilities and more--can become certainties.

Sep 1, 2019
Connect with Trees & Nature

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