Nature Communication™

Ancient and indigenous cultures have all honored the wisdom of Nature; most used shamanistic or ritualistic ways to ask Nature for information and/or to gain Nature's favor. Luckily, there are easier ways to communicate today that are just as effective.

We call it "Nature Communication." It's simply an open-minded and heart-centered experience. You might think of it as befriending a Nature Being and having a 'talk' with them.

If you have a companion animal, you probably already understand this and do this. The animal may not have language but they certainly "talk" to you and you understand what they are "saying."

How would you communicate with a tree? a bug? a bird? You wouldn't have to speak words to them as you would do with a dog or cat. And they won't speak words aloud to you. But you can open your mind and heart--and they can send their information to you.

How Can You Do Nature Communication?

As long as you have an open mind and you're willing to take whatever you get, even with skepticism, you can do it. How?  

  1. Release old, worn-out ideas about what you can and cannot do.
  2. Expand your willingness to perceive—hear, see, feel, know.
  3. Allow your sensory awareness to relax and open. Your top sense may not the the same as someone else's
  4. Have confidence in your ability to listen deeply, to envision, to experience, and to understand.
  5. Sit quietly with a tree (they are often the best 'talkers') where you won't be interrupted.
  6. Feel love for the Nature Being.
  7. Ask it a question from you heart.
  8. Take whatever you get, even if you think it was just your own imagination.
  9. Ask it another question or share something personal with it.
  10. Take whatever you get, even if you think it was just your own imagination.
  11. Repeat the last 2 points as long as you are enjoying yourself and feeling good.
  12. Thank the Nature Being (it's only polite)

You might want to write down your impressions or feelings so that you can remember them and confirm them later.

Also, write down any message you got from the Nature Being. You'll soon have a record of your "conversations."

Excerpts from our 1st book, Tree Whispering, A Nature Lover's Guide

Starting on Page 145
Dr. Jim tells the story: In early 2010, I did some soul searching about how I might improve the work of healing sick trees. I asked my Spirit Guides and asked the trees: “How can I be more effective?”
The answer that came back was “Be The Tree.”
At the time, I laughed because I didn’t understand its profound meaning. But, I put the instruction into practice every day that year when I went out to interact with a tree or plant. The meaning has become crystal clear to me. Now, I “AM” the tree whenever I do my healing work. The first step across the bridge–or the first of five Heralds–is BE THE TREE.  

What people have said:

Mike Nadeau, Sherman, Connecticut, holistic land-care practitioner: When I am being the tree, I get a better connection with the tree. Then, whatever I feel informs my actions. Most of the time, the actions I take seem unorthodox compared to what I would normally do. Even though my business is set up to apply all kinds of organic and compost-type goodies in the ground, I may find that the tree is too sick to respond to them. Many times, I find out that providing companion plants is what the tree really wants and needs.
Paul O’Kula, Long Island, New York. arborist, business owner and long-time Tree Whispering student: Dr. Jim says we have to come from the tree’s point of view. To me, this means being the tree by getting connected with its bioenergy, and finding out from the tree what it is going through in its life.
Danielle Rose, Northern New Jersey, novelist and newspaper columnist: I used to get angry with myself for not sitting still with my trees. My solution is to go on moving meditations. I walk through the woods with my young daughter strapped to my back and the dog on the leash. While moving, I allow myself to receive strong images from the trees and plants. I believe that they have come to know my little caravan as we pass by them.
Melanie Buzek, Cornville, Arizona, physical therapist, energy-medicine practitioner and educator: As part of my teaching duties, I show others how to hone their intuitive skills to receive “yes” and “no” answers when working with a client to determine which body areas are priorities to focus on.
Years ago in a class, a student was asking for permission to treat a fellow student, but kept getting “no” answers. A couple of us did some detective work to find out where the “no” was coming from. We determined that the student was picking up the “no” answer from a nearby plant because it needed care. After all, we are all connected! Applying the same intuitive skills and using “yes” and “no” questions, we discovered that it wanted the trash in its pot removed, to be in between two other plants its same size, and to be far enough from the heat vent. We complied with its needs. Then–and only then–did the student get a “yes” to continue with practice.

Aug 27, 2022
Connect with Trees & Nature
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