"I Am Earth"

We all think we know what the problem is and it is often called “Climate Change.”

But what does that really mean from Nature’s Point of View? It means imagining yourself in the life of some Nature Being.

Let me explain it with an imaginary exercise:  

Let’s say you are the whole planet…

In other words, you are the land, the air, the waters, all showered with the power of the sun’s fire.  

Originally, small bits of life arose on you as living Beings.  Together—over time—those primal elements of soil, air, water, volcanic fire and the sun’s fire, AND the new Beings interacted in ways that made your surface teem with LIFE.  That’s often called “Nature.” You (the planet) became ALIVE with gazillions of Beings who lived as your inhabitants using the primal elements of soil, air, water and the sun’s fire.

And you are also the interaction of those primal elements on your surface often called “local, daily weather” and “global climate.”

Let’s say you had some Beings living on your surface who—over time—developed powerful skills such as intellectual prowess. Those Beings also developed beliefs often called “I am separate from others” and attitudes like greed, arrogance, and selfishness.  

And let’s say those Beings also developed powerful tools such as chemical agents that sting and corrode you and metal monsters who can dig at you.  They moved around other Beings to new places where those Beings didn’t belong. And all the while, these tool-making Beings enjoyed the harmony, order, and relative peacefulness of the weather patterns (often called “climate”) all over your surface.

And let’s say that during a surprisingly short amount of time, the skilled and intellectual Beings reproduced at an amazing rate, spread all over you, and used their tools on you.  

When the belief “I am separate” combined with increasingly powerful tools, those Beings started to damage your primal elements: the land itself, the air, the waters, and misused the power of fire and chemical reactions.  This damage was often called “pollution.” Pollution was not seen by those beings as so great a threat that it could hurt you.  But it did.  


The misuse and damage to the land, to the air, and to the waters added up over a surprising short amount of time and was so extensive that you started to get something like “a fever.”  Part of the wonderful biological design of many Beings on your surface is that they get “a fever” when they are sick in order to discourage or kill the pathogen which is hurting them.  

And how has that “fever” worked out?  

Well, it has impacted the ways that the air and water (especially those) have interacted with each other and have interacted with the land.  The “fever” has made waters tied up as ice melt back into water.  That extra water combined with the heat of the “fever” is changing everything.  So, certain parts of your surface are too dry—and when they are too dry, fire occurs.

Other parts are getting too wet—and when they are too wet, storms and flooding occurs.  

Remember you are imagining that you ARE the planet.

All of that damage to land, water, air and the misuse of the power of fire caused great imbalances in your systems.  So, when all of those feverish interactions of air, water, land, and the power of fire occur, it is often called “climate change.”  

As the whole planetary biosphere often called “Nature,” you seek balance, you seek equilibrium.  But, when there is an extreme at one end of a scale, your reaction is often an extreme at the other end of the scale.  Hence, you have not only local weather extremes—too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry—but also your whole planetary climate is changed.

And then, because you (as the planetary-level natural system) have to operate as an interacting whole, everything—and I mean EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE—is impacted.  That’s often called “Climate Crisis.”  

Your inhabitants: The living Beings such as trees, plants, animals, birds, reptiles, micro-organisms and, yes, people, can’t thrive in conditions of too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, and the synergy of all of that put together. There’s the key point: Synergy.  It’s the way you as the planet interact as one Being.  

And that is NOT often called anything in the common culture.  

But there are words for all systems operating at a planetary scale of interaction and interdependence.  “Nature” operates as a planetary whole and is often called “Gaia.”  The word “Gaia” is borrowed from ancient mythology and refers to the spirit of the whole planet.  When the early space programs directed their telescopes and other tools back toward Earth, they discovered that the planet is in fact an interacting whole that is itself alive.  “Nature” is alive.

And you have been imagining taht you are being that alive planet, imagining that you are being all Nature Beings.  “Nature” as a whole is currently is very sick and has a “fever.”  You might therefore conclude that the pathogen that the planetary “fever” is impacting is those tool-making Beings.  

However, ALL Beings on your surface are also being impacted.  It’s like the changes in climate represent the Being’s over-active immune system that can wipe out everything while it is trying to kill the pathogen.

But let me put in a new and perhaps more hopeful idea here.  

We all think we know what the problem is and it is often called “Climate Change.”  

But that’s not the problem.  

The problem is these 2 sides of the same coin:  (1) the human beliefs that people or science are superior and that control of Nature is possible and (2) the resultant interference, tampering, manipulation and exploitation of the living systems of Nature.  

So, of course, practical things need to be done by the tool-making Beings to shift their thinking, to stop doing destructive things, and to start doing life-supporting things so that the planet will be livable again for them.  

And there’s more.  The tool-making Beings living on the surface also have the capacity to rise above their previous beliefs, to make behavioral changes. They have choice.  They can stop hurting their host—Planet Earth—and start communicating, collaborating, and partnering with Nature, partnering with Gaia.  

So, how does Climate Whispering work to counteract the effects of climate change?

Simple. When people upgrade their thinking, they make better choices and change their behaviors.

If one of those choices and changes means that people will be doing Climate Whispering, then their use of their hearts, minds, spirits (in other words, their consciousness) will interact with trees and other living Beings to help them become healthier.

When healthier, the downward spiral of decline is reversed locally and eventually globally.

Mar 1, 2021
UpShifted Ideas
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