Everybody Wins or Nobody Wins

Many years ago, I took a workshop from the foremost expert in business negotiation at the time: Jerry Nierenberg. He had a different idea.

In most of the workshop, he kept chipping away at the participants' notions that negotiation had to about winning and losing. You know--crushing the other guy.

But he kept saying that such an approach doesn't work. And that makes sense. The 'other guy' is gonna want to get back at the so-called 'winner.' So it makes sense that a negotiation should be fair.

But then, Jerry gave an amazing example. He said that a negotiation isn't just about two parties sitting at a table. It's also about all of a company's suppliers, vendors, and customers. AND IT INVOLVES THE WHOLE PLANET BECAUSE NATURE PROVIDES THE 'RAW MATERIALS' FOR EVERYTHING THAT ANY COMPANY DOES.

And by extension, NATURE provides everything we need to live... to remain alive. There are no exceptions. This planet and its fragile bounty are all we have.

Think about that.

That is ultimately clear. We--people, trees, animals, micro-organisms, butterflies, everybody--are ultimately connected. There can be no losers. Or we all lose.

Everybody has to win in this global environment.

What does PARTNER WITH NATURE stand for?

People can COMMUNICATE with Nature’s living Beings and CO-CREATE a healthy and livable world for all.  

“Partner With Nature” may seem like a bizarre idea or a good idea…but it is the Idea Whose Time Has Come so that humanity may survive and thrive on Earth.  

Benefits for You

When you engage directly with trees or other Nature Beings to restore ecological wellness, it is a personally healing, empowering, and deeply moving experience.

When you use your consciousness to rejuvenate Nature's living Beings, you help yourself and your world to survive and thrive.


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Oct 27, 2020
UpShifted Ideas
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