Saving Big Old Trees

Big old trees get sick and need that special bioenergy-based touch of my Green Centrics™ and Cooperative BioBalance® and Dimensional Lightwork™ systems.

Simply put, the Green Centrics system puts the Green Being at the center of a circular diagram. The practitioner goes into "the Zone" to ask questions of the innate intelligence of tree, plant, or other Nature being based on the circular diagram in order to determine what inner functionality has been stressed or compromised. Then, the practitioner uses hands-on, bioenergy medicine processes as well as the interaction of consciousness in order to restore healthy patterns of functionality (feedback loops). The person works on the Nature Being from the "inside-out" without any products whatsoever. It's like energy medicine techniques for people that some hospitals are beginning to bring in as complementary healing methods.

Cooperative BioBalance processes use a similar approach, but add the interactions between ecosystem members into the mix.

And Dimensional Lightwork is my latest innovation which only I use so far because of the expertise required to use it.

My research with big old trees started in about 2005, early in the history of the work.

Here are stories of just a few of the wonderful old trees to which I have given my bioenergy and consciousness treatments.

Please scroll down to see these older results with big old trees:

  • Beech Tree at Caleb Smith, NY, State Park
  • Sister Miriam's Maple, Blairstown, NJ
  • Moreton Bay Fig Tree, Santa Barbara, CA in 2005 and 2018

Beech Tree at Caleb State Park, New York

In those early days of research, it was usually Beech trees that found their way to me.  In fact, we used to say only half kiddingly, that Beech trees would nudge their responsible people to somehow find us and pick up the phone.  

From Caleb State Park on Long Island, New York, the park managers found me at an organic landscaping conference in 2006.  They didn’t understand what I did but they knew I could help their historic Copper Beech.  Iworked on it between December of 2005 and mid 2009.  

One of the things we learned from this venerable old tree was how trees manage their resources.  It couldn’t push new leaves out of many of its ailing old limbs, so it simply started to grow new branches close to the main trunk.  

This tree and its lesson became a feature in our book Messages from Trees.  

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Sister Miriam's Maple at Genesis Farm EcoLiteracy Center, Blairstown, NJ

Having the advantage of living at the forest’s edge in a secluded valley of northwestern New Jersey, this Maple tree generally thrived.  

But then, a series of ice storms and severe winters took their toll.

As of 2013, the tree lost many large branches.  Sister Miriam MacGillis is the director of Genesis EcoLiteracy Center in Blairstown, NJ, and this Maple is one of her favorites.  She learned of our work because the growers of Genesis Community Supported Garden—an adjoining subsidiary of the EcoLiteracy Center—agreed to allow us to do research on their crops.  

Sister Miriam asked if we could help the tree survive after nature did its severe pruning job.  I have watched over that Maple tree as if I were a guardian angel to it.  In the many years since, the tree has grown healthy new branches and continues to thrive.  

Santa Barbara, CA, Moreton Bay Fig tree in 2005 ... and in 2018 pictured below

One of Santa Barbara, California’s, former town arborists found me and Basia at a professional arborist’s conference in 2005.  He asked us to visit his famous charge: the Santa Barbara Moreton Bay Fig Tree.  At my website, please read about the mystery that I solved during that 2005 visit.  This tree and its lesson became a feature in our book Messages from Trees.

Finally, in 2018, we made the pilgrimage again to visit it.  We could see that its canopy was still thin in the same quarter.  Sadly, homeless people were making the tree their home and their bathroom.  It was showing signs of phytophthora infections.  Dr. Jim and I invited a small group of Tree Whispering® students to give the tree a bioenergy and consciousness treatment. We’ll be returning in 2019 to see how it’s doing.  

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We were invited to teach at this wonderful education center for the first time in 2005.  The stunning Catalpa tree flanking the dining hall had been “topped” in previous years. That is a conventional practice of dubious value to try to get the tree to bush out.  

Dr. Jim gave the tree the finest treatment methodology he had as of 2005: an early version of Green Centrics®.

Each following year, Dr. Jim provided state-of-the-art bioenergy treatment and it generally thrived.  

There were icy winters, cold winters, and another severe pruning by an arborist group that was uninformed about our health treatments.  

Starting in 2013, we brought the students attending our workshops to the tree as part of their lessons in Tree Whispering and Green Centrics.

The tree survives and thrives to this day.

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Nov 16, 2020
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