Timeline of Results

By Basia Alexander, for Dr. Jim Conroy

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Who Are We?

Dr. Jim Conroy’s mission is to SAVE TREES BY HEALING TREES from the INSIDE-OUT.

  • He has a Phd in Plant Pathology from Purdue University and had a highly successful career for over 30 years in a Fortune 50 company in the agricultural chemical industry.
  • Since a life-changing flash of insight in 2002, he became The Tree Whisperer®.  Dr. Jim gets inside the tree’s world and knows trees as sentient Beings who live as part of an intelligent ecosystem.  He uses his intuitive perception and sensory sensitivity to receive clarity about how trees’ inner functionality is compromised, then collaborates with their consciousness to heal them from the inside out.  
  • As an innovator, he has developed multiple systems for healing trees, plants, crops, and forests based on bioenergy overlap and conscious collaboration.
  • He is also an author, keynote speaker, on faculty at the Omega Institute and The Nature Lyceum, a NOFA certified Organic Landcare Professional.


  • Basia has cultivated a lifetime of mastery in converting the synergy of practical spirituality with new science thinking INTO useful methods for restoring a livable planet.  She has created the innovative architecture of the Tree Whispering® method in order to teach that globally unique tree-healing process to people who want to make a difference in their world.
  • She is a leader in the new field of conscious co-creativity. An expert nature communicator, she leads workshops and environmental outreach efforts, and produces innovative curriculum.  
  • With Dr. Conroy, she has co-authored 7 books and also writes on topics of health, personal transformation, creativity, and spirituality.
  • She directs the philanthropic activities of The BioBalia Institute, directs the educational efforts of BioBaliaInstituteSchool.org, and co-founded PartnerwithNature.org.  

Our Origin Story in 2002, and before that, too!

Our original inspiration for our consciously collaborative healing work with trees and plants came through an unexpected event.

Dr. Jim Conroy joined me, Basia Alexander, in early 2002 at an introductory meeting about a human energy-medicine system called The BodyTalk System. At that point in Dr. Jim's highly successful agricultural chemical career, Dr. Jim was disillusioned with the industry's lack of effectiveness in restoring inner health to plants of all kinds.

At the meeting, the Bodytalk System founder, Dr. John Veltheim, was careful to explain that his approach to energy-healing was based in honoring the natural wisdom of the human body and its fundamental drive to be highly interconnected in order to be healthy. His system was focused on reconnected body parts and body/mind energies through an elegant system of questions and answers done collaboratively with the BODY (not with the biases of the patient) and the focused consciousness of the neutral practitioner.

Right there in that meeting room, Dr. Jim had a flash of insight! He suddenly saw that a similar approach could be used for trees and plants of all kinds. After studying the philosophy and fundamental approaches that Dr. Velheim used for people, Dr. Conroy launched into development of the Tree Whispering® methodology for targeted and accurate physiological healing of trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems. Dr. Jim left the corporate scene and never looked back. He became The Tree Whisperer® in 2003.

I have always been a tree lover and a gardener. I've always had a passion for what I call "practical spirituality." The simplest way to explain that would be: Seeking to honor and feel connected with the Life Force in all living Beings while taking practical steps to have a good life and help others.

My life-long path out of endarkenment into glimpses of the Light has not been straight. Rather, it's been a rambling journey with stops along the way at college, at the library for new sciences books, at creativity and self-help and transformational workshops which I attended and then taught, at many different careers, at esoteric meetings, at the movies, and at myriad classes about everything from doll-making to manifestational principles. My college degree is in communications, so I've always sought to write or express my unique synergies of everything in my toolkit. Through it all, I have been driven by the desire to 'make a difference' in my world.

So, my exposure to unusual and leading edge ideas over the years found a home when Dr. Jim and I decided to create our Tree Whispering business in 2003. He went outside to "talk" with roses, vegetables, and trees. I stayed in the office giving structure and vision to his experiences and insights. Together--and with guidance from our Spirit Guides--we forged a method that would not only heal the internal functionality of trees and plants, but that would also be learnable by anyone who wants a simple way to connect with Nature. We have taught this evolving method since 2005.

We always work together in complementary ways.  I'm the one who does the new sciences reading. He doesn't want to be influenced by other's thinking. He has the direct tree experience, leads me through it, and together we do our best to explain it. Then, I give structure to the topics and produce all of the materials. And, I'm updating this blog right now.

Our Dual Approaches to Research

First and foremost, sensory and intuitive ways of knowing about our world have been at odds since pre-Christian Greek times. But, in these times of shifting worldview, both the observational ways and the participatory ways are becoming accepted as valid.

 (Please read Dr. Edmund Bourne's brilliant book, Global Shift.)

In other words, both scientific approaches and experiential perceptions contribute to the whole of understanding something, anything.  

So Dr. Jim's and my approach to research includes both

  1. observation of processes and results to gain understanding
  2. as well as the use of spontaneously received knowings to also gain understanding.

We blend both measurable sense perception and the intuitive insight of consciousness when we do our research.

We take into account the interaction of consciousness, which is not measurable.

If you have concerns about that approach or have a problem with my explanation, I direct you to the highly scientific and rigorous approaches of the scientists and mystics at Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS.org) and at HeartMath.org.  They are studying the ways that consciousness works.  A Fellow there, Lynn McTaggart, has written several books suggesting the validity of energy-medicine and exploring the use of intention as an effective tool of consciousness.

The Dual Purposes of Our Work

We believe that it is the interaction of human consciousness with the plant kingdom and all of the other kingdoms of life on this planet that will be the “other half” of turning around the global environmental crises so that all living Beings can thrive on a livable planet.  

The “first half” is, of course, doing the practical things such as reducing carbon emissions.  

But will the practical things restore a livable planet?  

No. Not by themselves.

At this unique moment in time, people have an opportunity to step into a “higher level of thinking” (as Einstein called it) in order to have an ADDITIONAL way to solve those environmental problems.  

Having said that, I can explained our dual purposes: HEAL ECOLOGICAL DAMAGE.  UPGRADE HUMAN THINKING.  

To us, healing ecological damage is not remediation.  "Remediation" efforts are needed in some places. But, in our approach, we do not seek to "correct" a problem with more human intervention, more human-centric solutions, or more disruption of the environment. We prefer to work as equal, collaborative partners with Nature's intelligence by ASKING Nature--through our intuitive skills--what HER wise solution would be. Very often, Nature's solution is simpler, more elegant, and better than any solutions that human intellect alone can come up with.

In order to explain what I mean by "upgrade human thinking" I have to tell you about paradigms, also known as "world views" or "mindsets."

When ideas aggregate, they emerge as a self-consistent “worldview”, "mindset", or “paradigm.”

Any historical timeframes' predominant paradigm's Lines of Force are composed of powerfully aligned ideas that form a self-consistent whole. These Lines of Force only allow aligned ideas and practices into their avenues.

Human perception is channeled through the banks formed by a paradigm’s prevailing but invisible, nearly universal beliefs.  Any idea outside of the paradigm’s boundaries is considered bizarre and undoable!

When sufficient contradictory ideas or mounting evidence to the contrary occurs, the paradigm may be questioned.

But questioning is not sufficient to breakdown the paradigm. A DISRUPTIVE element must arise.

For example, women voting, ending slavery, curing smallpox, or footsteps on the moon.

Each of those "crazy" and contradictory concepts were (however well or however poorly) accomplished.  Those ideas whose time had come became movements that disrupted everything.  They had to break the bonds of entrenched “can’t do it” reasoning and biases in order to happen.

Hence, Victor Hugo’s quote the 1800’s:  “All the [armed] forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

So, I propose another new paradigm (worldview or mindset) for humanity —for you— to chew on:  Partner-With-Nature.

By partnering with Nature, I mean people doing these things:

  1. getting over cultural and ego-based biases of human superiority, in other words, learning to come from the other's point of view,
  2. realizing that controlling or dominating Nature is not possible despite powerful human technology,
  3. re-evaluating our usually-disguised assumptions that we humans are separate from each other and separate from other living beings,
  4. enjoying profound (or spirit level) connection with trees or other Nature beings such that the experience transforms our thinking,
  5. then changing our behaviors and buying habits.  

The Logical Conclusion: Healing Trees, Plants, and other Nature Beings

Therefore, we propose that people can use their hearts, minds, and consciousness to interact directly with the deep intelligence in Nature's kingdoms of life to improve all living beings’ health from the inside-out, without products or invasive techniques, and without ego-centric humanism.

Such "healing' is done for trees and plants from the inside out and coming from their point of view.  It's called "Tree Whispering."

Tree Whispering is a fundamentally collaborative, bioenergy and consciousness-based method of interacting in a physiologically targeted way, as an equal with a tree, plant, crop, forest, or ecosystem member to improve its health and its ability to withstand climate extremes.

It’s what we do for the Plant Kingdom and it’s what we teach people to do in simple and easy ways.  

Questions We Address in Research

In the early months and years of developing our work, the key question we addressed was simply, “Does it work?”  Does using direct, collaborative, and conscious human interaction with trees and plants impact their health?  

While we were still evaluating that question, it became obvious to ask “How does energy and consciousness also impact the ecosystem members around trees and plants?” and “Can the whole ecosystem become more healthy?”

We’ve spent most of our 22+ years working on those questions.  

I am working on a video to highlight our development and results between August, 2019 and early 2023....

Stay tuned...

Development and results between September, 2016 'til July 2019

Our Goals:

  1. Advanced development of Tree Whispering® method with dimensional aspects and on large tracts of land
  2. Healing ecological damage to trees and plants in various ecosystems, and on large tracts of land
  3. Further develop course architecture for future teaching
  4. Establish new research sites, or continue existing research sites
  5. Provide philanthropic work

Picture this.  We are both slight of size, greying, and live in a suburban area of New Jersey. So what did we do? It was September of 2016, we rented an RV and set off from San Fransisco to make a giant loop around northern California for about 3 weeks. In 2016, California was still in the grip of 8 years of drought.... with more to come.

This video covers travel, development, and results in the 3 year timeframe starting with that RV trip until July of 2019.

Just A Few Results from the earlier days:

October of 2012 Hurricane Sandy, and our 4th book People Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy

You might say this was an unintended research project.  

We knew Hurricane Sandy was coming up the east coast of the USA.  Forecasters knew it would take a left turn (highly unusual) into New Jersey… right over so many of our clients’ properties.  

On the Friday before, Jim went to help the trees prepare.  

I stayed in the office writing the STORM PREP WHISPERS and sending them out to my mailing list.  Then, over the weekend, we both went to more client locations to prepare those trees.  

The STORM PREP WHISPERS were--and are--intentional messages that people gave from their hearts to help the trees survive.  

As soon as I sent them out, the STORM PREP WHISPERS were going viral.  People shared them with their lists and on and on. Even before Sandy actually hit on that Monday, people were emailing me, saying how the Whispers helped them feel empowered in the face of the unknown; helped them feel that they could DO SOMETHING for their beloved trees when this monster storm was coming.  

Once we all got our electricity back—it took several weeks—people emailed their stories of how they and the Whispers saved their trees on their own properties and sometimes even on adjacent neighbor’s properties.  

We turned their amazing stories into a book:  People Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy.  

Here is a proof of effectiveness

People’s attention, people’s consciousness interacts with the living Beings of Nature on a large scale. They didn’t have to learn or use complex healing processes.   By doing something as simple as focusing their attention and intention on pre-set phrases, their conscious awareness interacted with their trees, with Nature’s great intelligence.  

They gave their trees the information the trees needed to increase their chances of survival in the extreme storm.  And for the great majority, they saved all or most of their trees. People are still doing STORM PREP WHISPERS when any kind of storms come, and with positive results.  

Since the work is entirely energy-medicine, there are no products or invasive techniques used.  It is totally safe for use around people because of that.  It’s just Dr. Jim or regular people like you interacting in bioenergy and in dimensional consciousness with trees, plants, ecosystem members and conscious forms on a large scale.  

A deeper ethical question

You might ask, “Why not just use consciousness to stop the storm?”  Because we are not God.

Storms, fire, droughts, and other of Nature’s actions are there for a purpose.

We humans do not have the big picture or understanding of Nature’s greater long-term purposes. Trying to use consciousness in that way (to stop the storm) would only be more of the same thought box of domination, control and superiority that caused climate change already.  

Dr. Jim and I are dedicated to the bring forth the new kind of thinking: Partnering with Nature.  So we foster communication, collaboration as equals and co-creation with Nature.

Woodside, California, a prized ancient Coastal Live Oak was Dying in 2015

Actually, we made our first trip to see “Delilah” in Woodside CA in August of 2014.  

“Delilah” had several things going against her:

  • There was a drought in California,
  • but right under the tree’s roots on one side, a pipe was broken so those roots were getting flooded and rotted.  The owner didn’t discover this broken pipe for a long time.
  • On the other side of the tree, the neighbors had covered the tree’s root area with 6 inches of soil because they wanted to make some new plantings.  Covering a tree’s root area is deadly to the tree.  

“Delilah” was looking very thin and stressed. This was a perfect opportunity for Jim to begin practicing his new Dimensional Lightwork methods.  I wish I could say that the tree got better right away.  I did not.  Trees are on tree-time not on hurry-up human-time.  And the tree had several more years of California drought yet to go through.  

The EcoPeace Treaty Dr. Jim did with Delilah was a lot like the one he does with Beech trees. Both kinds of trees can get Phytophthora disease. And the "spots" that Delilah had showed that the tree was weak.  However, within months, those spots were clearing and a few years later couldn't be seen at all.

So here’s what happened for Delilah between 2015 and 2019 as a result of Jim’s use of his consciousness and as he further developed his methods: Cooperative BioBalance, EcoPeace Treaties, and Dimensional Lightwork.    

Click to start the little movie. (There is no audio track.)   

In one of the slides in that movie, you might recognize “Delilah’s” guardian angel, if you were around during the Vietnam War protests, or since then, if you like to listen to folk-style and culturally relevant singers.   And just a few days ago, November 7th, 2020, Joan Baez just sent us photos of Delilah looking GREAT!

Early work with Crops

By working with annual crops, Jim could see results in a week or two that could take years in trees.  

In 2004, a professor at a university asked Jim to participate in a formal study on Cabbage. It would be a 3 year study in which the professor wanted to evaluate various fertilizers. Jim would be able to have part of the plots to evaluate his work. This was a rare opportunity to try to do a "treated" and "untreated" kind of evaluation.  

The plots in 2004 and 2005 didn't yield much difference in the size or weight of cabbage heads.

However in 2006--when Jim had more skill and expertise with his own methods--there was a significant difference.

2015 Was a Good Year for Apples

Helping the trees become more healthy on the inside yielded an amazing, delicious harvest with very little showing of disease organisms on the fruit.

The Longest Running Research Study Started in 2007

In November of 2007 our longest running research project started and is continuing through today.  We went to Colorado because we were invited to try to help whole mountainsides that were turning orange.  It seemed as if the forests were dying; the Lodgepole Pines were undergoing an infestation of Pine Bark Beetle. Our hostess in Colorado asked “Can you help?” Jim answered, “I don’t know but I’ll find out.”  

It is a horticultural truth that it is a sick plant that attracts insects and disease.  So Dr. Jim’s initial work was to help the trees move foods and fluids through their vascular tissue more efficiently so as to overcome the presence of the beetle larvae which were feeding in there. In other words, to help the trees be healthier on the inside.

By the time we got the invitation, the beetles were already well into their process.  On the various research properties, there were trees too sick to survive; they would die. And, there were some that had not been excessively “hit” by beetles so that they could survive.  Those trees responded amazingly well to the healing interventions.  And whether Jim touched the tree or not, all trees on the property were getting the bioenergy treatments because

  • trees operate in community and share information through their bioenergy networks
  • and Dr. Jim Conroy's work in bioenergy and collaborative consciousness

Our first trip to Colorado was in 2011. Dr. Jim and I continued making our twice-a-year trips to give healing treatments to the trees.

The trees' improvement was visible.

At this research site in Fraser, CO, countless trees were dying and dead in the 2007 upper image.  However, among those were trees that may have been "hit" by the beetle but were still living and could survive. As the overall "infestation" developed, 2009 was considered to be the worst year for the most beetles. However, we believe that the trees that survived the 2007 to 2009 beetle 'hits" were able to do so because they were healthier on the inside. Dr. Jim's healing treatments increased the efficiency of their circulation systems. In other words, even though the beetle larvae were feeding and disrupting the trees' circulation systems, there was enough circulation still working to keep the trees alive and to keep them from turning orange.

So, those trees that were already hit and turning red, would die. They became "silver ghosts" standing but bare of needles.  The trees that may have been a little orange may or may not have survived. And then, the trees that were hit (because ALL Lodgepole Pines were hit by the beetles) but had improved circulation were able to survive and coexist with the beetles.

And a look inside...

And here's a look, literally, inside of one tree that shows how the trees survived and thrived even after been badly "hit" by the beetle larvae.

A nearby tree had been cut down. As it fell, it scrapped the side of this young but very tall tree. It was like being able to look through a window to see the inside of the tree while it remained alive. Very clear larvae paths are seen for nearly the entire height of the tree. This shows that every tree was "hit" but many were still able to live because of improved circulation and because of the EcoPeace Treaty with the Bark Beetle's species intelligence.

Between 2008 ’til 2014, Dr. Jim’s approach evolved.  He moved from just addressing the inner health of the trees to a combination of improving health but also communicating with the beetle’s species-intelligence as well. In those early years, we thought working to bring balance and harmony to the interaction between trees and insects as “coexistence technology” and as "EcoPeace Treaties."  

From 2015 ’til today, there would be a lot more advanced methodology development.  

DEER and GARDENS EcoPeace Treaty® Research Study in 2014

This EcoPeace Treaty research study started in 2013 when the Director of the EcoLiteracy Center expressed frustration about the prospect of raising funds to build a deer fence around the whole valley because she wanted to protect the demonstration gardens.  She asked Jim whether the same kind of work he was already doing to bring insects and plants into coexistence could be applied to deer and gardens.  

Jim said he didn’t know but would give it a try.

Here are 2 images; one from July of 2014 and the other from October of 2014.  The whole story of his initial and continued communication and collaboration with the species intelligence of the deer, the garden plants, and the whole plant kingdom in the valley is in our book, Live and Let Live: How Multidimensional Collaboration Heals Ecosystems. Then, nearly 2 years later, we put an update into our 7th book: Live and Let Live: Enlightened Stewardship.  

July, 2014, shows the northeast direction of the valley with the terraced area.  This is the demonstration garden showing the handicapped-accessible setting.  Those raised beds make it easy for wheelchair access AND also make the vegetables at perfect grazing level for deer.  

The lower left image shows the southwest direction and how close these demonstration gardens are to the forest’s edge.  

Lower right image shows the Hosta by the farmhouse.  In the first year of the study, this Hosta patch was not included in the treatment area.  It was wiped out by the deer because Hosta is like candy to them; they love it.  The director asked for it to be included in the 2nd year.

There were absolutely no sprays or other deterrents used in this study.  The humans kept their part of the bargain in the EcoPeace Treaty to respect and honor the deer.  

Why the green flags?  

They are NOT repellents, they are markers.  They are markers FOR THE DEER because the Deer consciousness told Jim that they can see green at night.  Deer agreed, in the EcoPeace Treaty, to avoid the tree-flagged areas because the humans and the other forest plants agreed to give them the 4 things they needed to survive:  
1) Food (extra growth by plants at forest edge
2) Water - a stream goes through the valley
3) Safety - the Director put a stop to hunting on the 200 acres
4) A place to bear their young - 1, 2, and 3 give them that  

By October, the success from the human point of view was clear: all of the garden plants and Hosta were mature and untouched.  Even grazing level cabbage reached maturity.  The Director was very engaged and directed her staff to participate and honor the agreement. She was delighted.

The garden plants achieved their goal in the EcoPeace Treaty which was to reach maturity.  Forest edge plants contributed to the EcoPeace Treaty by putting on more growth to feed the deer.  They said they were just doing their job and were satisfied with the EcoPeace Treaty.

At one point the Deer species-intelligence (or Spirit) even asked for clarification about being able to spread seed from the wild stream area.  From the Deer’s point of view, the species-intelligence told Jim that they were satisfied with the EcoPeace Treaty.  

Jim had to visit the EcoLiteracy Center about every 10 days to evaluate and refresh the EcoPeace Treaty.  The agreements in it had to be brought into consciousness regularly because Deer, like any mammal, can learn but they can also forget or get distracted.

And an additional fascinating piece to the deer story. In the first year of the study, the Hosta plants around the farmhouse were not included in the study so they were mowed down by the deer. But in later years, Jim included them to excellent results. Kinda ratty-looking but NOT EATEN Hosta are seen all the way into autumn in 2015 The same thing happened in 2016.

After Tree Whispering by Dr. Jim Conroy, What can people look for on their property?

In a Whole Emergent Ecosystem, all Beings of Nature are in dynamic balance and living together in-sync.  When living Beings are connected and interconnected, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Here’s an example at a client property in West Orange, New Jersey.  

The clients lived there for 12 years up to that point and had never seen tree seedlings come up in their forested area before.  They considered the appearance of the seedlings to be a result of more harmony and balance on their land.

When the Ecosystem has emerged as a higher level whole-in-balance, then new Beings of Nature can re-appear.  
  • New seedlings of any type. (Pine, Holly, Oaks, Maple)
  • Seedlings of species that have not appeared for a long time.
  • New animal species show up. (Turtles in a creek, frogs in a pond)
  • Behavior demonstrating balance. (Deer NOT eating bushes around a house)
  • Insects/Disease in dynamic balance with trees and plants. (Dynamic Balance is 20% or less presence)
  • New native species show up—plants or animals.
  • New mature trees or plants show up.
  • Animal species not seen for a while reappear. (Birds or deer on property)
  • Trees, plants, or flowers grow bigger than previously.  (Geraniums, Pines)  
  • See an invasive species showing new purpose.  (Japanese Knotweed protecting tree seedlings from insects and feeding the deer.)
  • More or different bee species.
  • More and/or different plants that feed bees.
  • Plants or trees blooming that haven’t bloomed in a long time.
  • Healthier trees and plants.
  • Other...


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