As I was making the video at the bottom of this post (scroll down) these lovely people showed up in the background....

As I talked they were doing just what I was talking about: paying attention to the "average" Redwood trees along the path.

I thanked them.

Then, as so many people do with 2 spectacular trees growing near my friend RED, they took a selfie...and I caught them doing that.

Here's a secret.

Jim and I call that pair of trees The Ambassadors. We have been visiting them for years. And without fail, people want to take their picture between them.

So the pair of trees tell us that they have taken on a new purpose. They serve as ambassadors to humanity.


Every time someone shows the selfie they took at Muir Woods with these two amazing Redwoods, the pair of Redwoods serve to bring LIGHT to anyone who sees them.


And, RED had some wonderful messages for me in this video....

Apr 16, 2021
Connect with Trees & Nature
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