#1  Love NATURE, Befriend a Tree

That feeling of appreciation in your heart when you see a beautiful tree or take a walk in a park is first and foremost for Nature Interplay™ the BioBalia Way... and becoming a Partner With Nature. Open your heart to NATURE.  Send caring feelings.  Nature needs you as an ally. You will feel good in the warmth of your own loving feelings. Begin to develop a "friendship" with a tree.

#2  Go for Walks; Really Take In the LIFE of Nature

To do Nature InterPlay™ the BioBalia way and become a Partner With Nature, go for walks in your neighborhood or a local park.

  • Be quiet.
  • Look around. Yes, really look closely at the life around you. Don’t take it for granted. See trees’ differences.  
  • Know that there are millions of important micro-organisms under your feet.  
  • Enjoy the bird’s songs.  
  • Perceive, feel, imagine, breathe!

Take it all in through all of your senses.  

Once you open your heart and take it all in, think about how each part of this ecosystem is a living Being.  

Be mindful of the fact that they are as alive as you are!  Just different.

#3  Come From the Other’s Point of View; Take Nature's Perspective

You have a point of view, a perspective about life that is your own. It’s how you perceive your world. Your point of view is also probably human-centric. Unwittingly, people think of most things from the mindset of being a person. It’s natural.

But, when you are with a tree or other Being of Nature, try coming from that their point of view. It's a really good way to be a Partner With Nature.

Think about what their life is like:

  • how do they make food for themselves or eat food from others?
  • how do they move?
  • how doe they live with other Beings?
  • go through the seasonal cycles?
  • experience extremes?

That’s coming from the other’s point of view and being Nature-centric.

Being a Partner With Nature, you can put yourself in a tree’s roots or butterfly’s wings or animal’s feet to understand what they need to survive and thrive.  And, so doing, you can alter your own behaviors as needed.

When you can take Nature's viewpoint--come from her perspective not the human point of view--you get on the Path to Partnership.

#4  Clean Up/Plant Trees. Be a Tree Protector.

Pick up and bag litter while you go for a walk.  

Join with others by

  • Volunteering to pick up trash in the neighborhood.
  • Participating in broader efforts to ‘clean up’ the pollution, or the businesses, or the laws which have contributed to ecological degradation.  
  • Planting trees. But plant the right tree in the right place, the right way. Don’t just plant what you think looks good.

Be a Tree Protector.

Just as the name sounds, you'll be doing enjoyable and practical things to help trees become healthy and protect them from dangers.

Go to our sister website www.TreeProtector.org.

#5  Celebrate and Have Gratitude

Find some fun ways to celebrate Nature and you'll be a Partner with Nature.  You could simply

  • honor trees when you walk by them.
  • say a quiet “thank you” and broadcast that feeling to a whole ecosystem as you walk through it.
  • Have a little party with your children or friends under a tree and thank it for giving you a pleasant and safe place to be.

Or in a quiet moment, focus on the whole planet with a feeling of gratitude.

#6  Join the Millions of People who Talk TO and WITH Nature

Go on. Go out in your backyard or find a quiet corner of a park.

  • Walk slowly or stand and whisper to Nature Beings in your heart: tell them whatever you appreciate them for!
  • Talk about anything: unburden your feelings or express your ideas. That’s talking TO Nature. Millions of people already do it. It’s satisfying but it’s a one-way communication.
  • Then, try having a 2-way conversation. Every living Being has a kind of innate intelligence. Nature has a deep wisdom. Each Nature beings has an inner Spirit or Life Force that brings forth its existence. You can open your inner hearing or knowing to receive their message to you.  It’s not your imagination. The Spirits within them use your body’s sensory instruments, your mind’s symbolic interpretations, and your intuitive sensitivity to convey their meanings.  

Find more on how to do Nature Communication.

#7 WHISPER® or do Mindful Visualizations or Meditations with Nature Beings

"Whispers” are intentional messages that you convey from your heart that empower you and help Nature Beings survive and thrive.  

Mindful Methods™ include visualizations or meditations that you can do while in NATURE INTERPLAY™ the BioBalia Way.

All over the world, trees are sick; ecosystems are dysfunctional.  It doesn’t matter what the causes are, what matters is that they need YOUR help now.  Governments, businesses, or big projects are starting to help but they won’t be able to reverse the damage.

It’s up to each person to do practical things AND also to use their conscious intention and attention for interacting with trees and plants in mutually healing ways. Learn how at BioBalia Institute School.

#8 Open Up Dinner Conversations

When the chat gets dull, ask your friends

  • “Do you have a favorite tree?
  • “How do you feel when you are with that tree?
  • “Did you have a special place with trees to go when you were a child?”
  • “Have you ever felt as if that tree or place was trying to tell you something?”

Share your story and you’ll be surprised, someone will have another wonderful story.

Also, share some of your Nature stories with us here at PartnerWithNature.org through the Contact Page.

#9  Do Holistic Care

Don’t assume that Nature Beings are healthy. They may be stressed in ways you don’t see.

Just as you would want to care for yourself with pure air and water, clean nutrients, low stress, and the freedom to be yourself, Nature needs those same things. While conventional approaches and products have value at the right times, it’s the holistic approaches that keep trees, plants, and other Nature Beings in healthy inner functionality and in dynamic balance within their environment.

Resources for holistic and complementary approaches are available at  Holistic Ways and Chores.

#10 Speak FOR Nature

Be an advocate. Speak FOR Nature. When Nature is threatened in your neighborhood, sign a petition or go to city hall and register your opinion.

Be brave: join or lead the efforts. Don’t take “no” for an answer. There are ways to turn around people’s minds, change laws, alter behavior, and come up with reasonable alternatives.

If you want local or regional environments—or the global biosphere—to become more livable and to support future human generations in health and prosperity, speak WITH Nature and speak FOR Nature.  

Many groups—including PartnerWithNature.org—are doing good and reversing damage. Research the best organization for your participation. We hope it will be PartnerWithNature.org.

Even if you feel resigned, don’t give up.  With courage and kindness, you CAN make all the difference to yourself, your family, your home, your world.

The Result:

Apply the 10 simple ways we've just outlined so you will be a Partner With Nature.  You can begin to turn your backyard and your world into a zone of dynamic balance and good habitat for all living Beings of Nature.


Sep 25, 2022
Why and How to Partner
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