Why Partner with Nature?

Top 10 Reasons

  1. Because you ENJOY taking a walk in the woods, breathing fresh air, and relaxing near a tree. You have gratitude for Nature.
  2. Because Nature Beings want to collaborate in equal and co-creative ways with people. They will make it easy.
  3. Because your life depends on Nature.
  4. Partnering is a positive experience of expansion of self: Go from "me" to "we."
  5. Because ecological problems—such as pollution and climate change—might be addressed in the most amazing and even unexpected ways.
  6. Because it's satisfying to learn new skills--skills for communicating with the deep intelligence in Nature.
  7. You don't have to feel hopeless or in despair about the future; you can DO something now.
  8. Because there has to be a LIVABLE planet for future generations.
  9. Because the governmental/corporate complex probably won't do enough in time. And because we, ourselves, can consciously heal ecological damage and upgrade the fabric of human thought to COLLABORATION with Nature.  Use the simple and easy methods offered on this website.
  10. Perhaps the most important reason is so that the future will be bright and all living Beings on Earth can prosper!

Be Empowered

Through PartnerWithNature.org, we are empowered to focus our hearts and minds to heal backyard, local, and global ecosystem degradation to restore health and livability on this fragile planet.

We communicate, collaborate, and co-create with Nature.

Guided by master Nature healers Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander, we upgrade human thinking--and our own actions--and learn the secrets of what Nature needs so she can thrive.

Through all of the vivid examples of success on the website, we find the courage to move beyond environmental despair. We get inspired by our EXPERIENCE of partnership with Nature. We are healed. We are empowered. And we are joined with like-hearted people in community.

We CAN bring forth a healthy and livable planet.

How can you Partner With Nature?

  • Release old, worn-out beliefs about what you can or can’t do. Be a bigger YOU in a bigger world.
  • Communicate from the heart and intuitively with Nature beings.
  • Engage with trees, plants, animals while coming from their point of view.  Step inside their world.  See your world anew!
  • Embrace new skills, new relationships, new practices such a Tree Whispering® with Healing Whispers® and Climate Whispers®
  • Envision and lead the way to create the future you want.  

Apr 4, 2022
Why and How to Partner
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