Thrive despite climate dangers.

Learn how at the course called "3 Secrets and 1 Easy Step for Climate Survival". at our school.

  • Increase your enlightened partnership with trees, plants, crops, water-based plants, and forests.
  • Be empowered to overcome climate anxiety.
  • Feel more unity with the Plant Kingdom and all living Beings.
  • Increase understanding that trees and all plants have their own intelligence that YOU can interact with.
  • Compelling evidence for you to co-create your own positive future on a livable planet.

You'll be able to watch an excerpt of course for free at "3 Secrets and 1 Easy Step for Climate Survival".

Meet Your teachers and the co-founders of BioBalia Institute School.  

Dr. Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander are expert Nature Communicators™ and Tree Whisperers® who have dedicated their lives to restoring the inner health of trees and plants from the inside-out and to teaching people how humanity might restore livability to the planet.

  • 20 year mission: heal ecological damage and upshift human thinking.
  • Creators of Tree Whispering®: leading edge, grass-roots approach people can use in their own backyards to find inner quiet and to partner with Nature.
  • Co-authors of 7 books, keynote speakers, co-founded BioBalia Institute and its School. BioBalia means biology in balance, a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Jim Conroy, PhD in Plant Pathology from Purdue University, B.S. Horticulture Delaware Valley University. Mission: Save trees by healing trees from the inside-out. Thought leader. Innovator in holistic energy-healing methods. World traveler. Rose Grower.

Basia Alexander, B.A. Communication, Beloit College, and advanced multi-discipline qualifications in Purposeful Living from the School of Life. Mission: champion partnering with Nature and to teach people how to do that. Converts synergies of practical spirituality and new sciences into useful structures and methods for restoring livability to the planet. Writer. Workshop leader. Healer. Video producer. Publisher. Gardener.  

Mar 1, 2024
Learning and Fun
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