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There is opportunity in danger.  But, the Chinese characters  “危机”,  are more accurately translated as “danger” PLUS “a crucial point when something begins to change.”  

Humanity and the Plant Kingdom are at that turning point now.  Trees, plants, crops, forests, and all of Nature—including people—are at risk in climate extremes such as fluctuating temperatures, drought, flooding, and stronger storms.  Climate dangers are everywhere and only going to get worse in the near future.  

Find out how you can be empowered to make your future environmentally safe.  

As the turning point arrives, what changes need to happen?  We intend to show that the following changes can result in the "other half" of what is needed to effectively respond to climate change.

  • people’s beliefs and actions begin to shift to a higher level,
  • people gain skills to interact directly with tree intelligence and consciousness,
  • thus, trees and plants of all kinds can be healed from the inside-out to withstand climate extremes and resume their generous gift to humanity of providing life-support services,
  • balance can be restored in Nature.  

And so, livability begins to be renewed on our planetary home.

Feb 22, 2024
Learning and Fun
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