You might not think of watering a tree as a connection experience, but it could be...

If you follow the 5 Steps to Connection Experience, you might turn a chore into a fun and pleasant experience!

  • Observations and Appreciation
  • Caring
  • Inner Quiet
  • Coming from the other's point of view
  • Mutual Messages

Yes. Trees need water in the heat and dryness of summer. Especially in these times of climate change, extremes can really hurt at tree.

Most trees prefer a deep watering. The water has to get way down into the soil to their deepest roots.

Most sprinkler systems send a very light  stream of water for a short period of time. Don't rely on that to really get the job done.

Put a sprinkler or hose on the tree running a very light stream of water, but be sure to leave it for many hours so that the water sinks in. If you have hard soil, it may run off if the water sprays too hard or for too short of a time.

This is what a drip hose does: it drips.

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Jul 5, 2021
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