The Holistic Approach to Care

You've heard of "organic" and perhaps already use organic products. That's a positive step.

Holistic options are beyond organics. "Holistic" means "The Whole."

Having a holistic care approach means that you are considering the whole plant, the whole tree, the whole ecosystem, the whole property, the whole neighborhood, the whole world. Everything is connected to everything.

So, it's not so much about the specific thing you do as HOW you do it. We suggest that working HOLISTICALLY with Nature is working RESPECTFULLY with Nature. And it's only polite. We offer suggestions and methods if you'll scroll down...

Many tree care professionals and landscapers do their best to be honest and provide good service. But, they have not been taught to have a holistic approach. You will have to make it clear to them that you want a holistic approach.

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, Co-Create with Nature...


What if chores around the yard were more interesting, more satisfying, more productive? They could be if you were mentally and emotionally connected with the Nature beings there. By recognizing their aliveness, honoring their innate wisdom, and perceiving what they need in order to thrive, you would be moving toward healing the planet.

I understand that saying that is taking a leap, but since everything is connected, it's true. The force of the actions you take in your own space ripples out to ecosystems everywhere. Physicists talk about the "unified field": They say that particles on one side of the galaxy 'know' how particles on the other side are spinning. You may not see that in your backyard but that doesn't mean it's not happening.


So recognize the tree's aliveness, honor the bird's wisdom, and ASK NATURE what it needs. She knows better than any modern human would know what She needs. And She will tell you if you will ASK and LISTEN. That's the holistic approach of communicating with Nature.


You've heard that it takes two to tango. Well, it takes you and Nature together to work out solutions. You can HEAL the damage in Nature by using consciousness. That's the first step of collaboration.


Then, you can also engage in a dialog with specific Nature beings in order to get what you want while meeting Nature's needs.

That's Co-Creating a home or a world that you would really want to live in. You Do Practical Things

Sometimes conventional approaches to care are too harsh for trees, plants and other Beings of Nature. Trees can be damaged or killed by rough pruning.  Sometimes transplanting is not successful.  Construction around trees, plants and other organisms is particularly disruptive.  

You like the idea of PARTNERING with NATURE in order to mutually benefit and help living Beings survive and thrive.  At the same time, you’re also practical and you have to do those darn chores.  

Here are some WAYS for you and for Nature Beings to work holistically in partnership so that the results of your chores are more successful.  You can do your chores in more holistic, respectful, gentle, and considerate ways.

Holistic Chores will be available through the BioBalia Institute School

Holistic Chores maximize the chances of success because you won’t hurt trees, plants, and other organisms when you want to do these chores.

  • Plant or Transplant
  • Prune
  • Water
  • “Weed” (we like to call it "removing unwanted plants)
  • Repair Wounds
  • Relieve Disturbances
  • Investigate Trouble
  • Apply Products (preferably organic ones)
  • Anticipate Construction
  • Harvest food
  • Give Gratitude
  • Remove Trees
  • and more…

May 12, 2021
Why and How to Partner
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