BioBalia is the environmental condition that emerges when Nature's BIOlogy is in BALance, highly interconnected, working in partnership, in sync, and whole.

Its goals are always mutual healing between trees and people, and protection for all from the damaging effects of climate extremes.

Think of BioBalia as an ideal situation where all trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems are healthy and functional, operating in dynamic balance, and supporting each other as a single network. Since humans are Nature Beings too, it's possible and best that people included themselves in this state of healthy functionality, cooperation, and wholeness.  

What is BioBalia Nature InterPlay™?

It's the name for all of the consciously collaborative methods that we teach and use every day to heal sick/stressed trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems and to help them protect themselves from climate damage. The result is a healthy whole greater than the sum of its parts.

BioBalia Nature InterPlay is enlightened stewardship with trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems that leads to a sustainable relationship with Nature and positive future for a thriving biosphere--not exploitation or domination on a dying planet.

It's an experience of kinship, mindfulness, and cooperation with the Spirits of Nature's living Beings to restore a livable planet.

Imagine the trees in your backyard, your neighborhood, the bioregion, your continent, and then the Beings of the whole planet glowing with health, vitality, vigor, interconnection, partnership, and empowerment.
Is this idea too idyllic to be real? No.

Dr. Jim Conroy and I, Basia Alexander, see pockets of BioBalia-Wholeness emerging in places where we have used the various methods associated with BioBalia Nature InterPlay.

We have developed those methods by working directly with the consciousness of trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems since 2002.

It's consciousness-to-consciousness, Spirit-to-Spirit, and bioenergy-to-bioenergy--a kind of collaboration and partnership with Nature not done anywhere else.

Your Journey to BioBalia unfolds in partnership and interplay with Nature

Be Open Minded and Heart Centered

To reach BioBalia Wholeness and take the journey to partnership with Nature, a good place to start is with an open mind and a loving heart.

The first idea to embrace is that trees, plants, and Nature Beings are, in fact, alive. They have their own consciousness.

This realization--an awakening to Spirit in all life--has started to spread in Western culture since the 1930's. And if you are open-minded and heart-centered, you already know that.  

(For more information about the awakening to the Spirit in all life, please read Chapter 4 of Edmund J. Bourne's book Global Shift.)

Seek Nature’s Goals

People have goals.  People have a design in Spirit and potentials that are unique to their own individual personality and also are unifying factors for humanity.

Why shouldn’t Nature Beings have goals too?  

Dr. Jim Conroy started in 2003 to develop his advanced bioenergy healing treatments for Nature’s Beings.  His most recent work involves helping Nature Beings to bring such invisible and etheric things as goals, design ideals, and innate potentials into physical reality.  

In order to restore health, connectivity, flowing bioenergies, and synergy to the Nature Beings in your backyard or local park, it’s necessary to find out what they really want and need.  People mustn’t assume that they know what's best or that science knows, either.  

Seeking Nature's Goals asks that you become mindful and quiet.

There are some common goals that every Nature Being has: to live, to grow, to be healthy. After that, it depends on the situation.

Specific goals for specific trees? Yes. For example, a tree may have as a goal to send food to other trees, or a goal to grow a branch in a certain direction so that it is balanced on the side of a hill. Another tree might want to be properly integrated into its tree-network for maximum health.

In order to find out what Nature's Goals are, it means going a bit deeper on the journey. It means expanding yourself to be Nature-centric and learning how to ASK Nature for her input and advice.

Take Another’s Point of View, Be Nature-Centric    

Are you human-centric?  

In other words, do you think about life only from the point of view of being a human being?   Probably you do because it’s natural--you're human.

Human arrogance is the extreme of being human-centric. It's arrogant to think that people have all the answers. But often, people do believe that.

When you are listening to a friend talk about some situation in their lives, it’s probably easy for you to see their perspective. You can come from their point of view.  

Compassion and understanding usually results from taking another's point of view.

A vital step in the journey to BioBalia is to become Nature-centric. Beings of Nature such as trees, plants, even insects, and animals are not only alive but have “cognition” according to the scientists who study living systems.  As such, those organisms are intelligent and we believe that they have a point of view.  

You can be Nature-centric. By learning to come from Nature Beings’ points of views—to “walk a mile in their shoes” so to speak—you will be able to understand what their lives are like.  

Example: When you take a tree’s point of view, you can understand what it is like to stand all day with arms raised, to rest all night while drinking water, to have breeze and birds in your hair, and to live within a supportive community of others.  

You can try it simply by imagining.  Or you ASK a tree what its life is like.

Ask Nature for Information

These people are asking these trees for information about the trees themselves... to find out what trees' lives are like.

What else are they asking? They want to know what shifts in inner functionality the trees need in order to regain their health.

Once you realize that Nature Beings have their own kind of intelligence and then you experience Nature Communication through your own senses and gut feelings, you can then ask Nature for Information.  

When you open up lines of communication, you really open up your own heart and mind to a broader kind of listening.   Sensory awareness and intuitive knowing is how you’ll get inspiring messages from trees, plants or others about their lives.  

You may even be told something about your own life and how best to enjoy it.  But, you may also find out that many Beings of Nature are as highly stressed as people are these days.  

Nature seeks to thrive in dynamic balance and has answers about how to do that, if people would just come from Her point of view, perceive her stories, ask Her what she needs, then act on her advice.

Why would you want to ask Nature for Information?  

Albert Einstein said (and I’m paraphrasing here): “You can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking that the problem was created at.”  

When people assume that they have all the answers to the environmental problems that humanity has created on Earth, they assume wrongly because they are trying to solve a problem from the same level where the problems were created: assuming that people could control or dominate Nature.  

So, people need to raise themselves to a higher level of thinking in order to recognize Nature’s know-how and work in partnership with Her.  One good way to be in partnership is to ask individual Beings of Nature for information about what they need for inner health and how they want to reach their goals.  

So, you have it within your power to get Nature’s advice in order to begin to solve environmental problems from Her point of view.

Reaching BioBalia

Think of BioBalia as an ideal situation where all trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems are healthy and functional, operating in dynamic balance, and supporting each other as a single network.

BioBalia doesn't just happen in Nature anymore.

All parts of the world are showing the effects of climate extremes; trees and plants of all kinds are stressed, sick, or in decline. And so are people.

Reversing that condition and turning it into the emergent condition of BioBalia is going to be difficult but not out of humanity's reach.

Each person--you and I--can begin with an open mind and open heart. We can

  • seek Nature's goals,
  • take Her point of view,
  • become Nature-centric,
  • ask rather than assume,
  • and then do the healing and protective mindful methods we have developed in collaboration with the intelligence in trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems.
BioBalia's goals are always mutual healing between trees and people, and protection for all from the damaging effects of climate extremes.

What' are your next steps?

  • Find out more about partnering with Nature the BioBalia Way in the Blog Categories at
  • Start to have Connection Experiences. Enjoy the Spirit-to-Spirit interactions. Find out what trees' lives are like.
  • Upshift your thinking about Nature and yourself!
  • Listen to some of the talks that Dr. Jim Conroy and I have posted.
  • Learn something by enrolling at the BioBalia Institute School. By using what you learn with the trees in your backyard or local park, you'll be adding to the cumulative conditions for BioBalia Wholeness on Earth.
  • Eventually--when the time is right--you may want to join with others along the journey to BioBalia... and even become a fellow leader toward restoring livability on this fragile planet.
Sep 28, 2022
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