Spirit, Science, and Consciousness Unite

Eleven Basic Concepts underpinning our leading edge methods:  
Scroll down to read the detail about each of these points.
  1. Being Open-minded and Thinking Outside of the Box Leads to Breakthroughs
  2. New Sciences are paving the way for a new era of not only understanding the world we live in but also thriving in it.  They are paralleling with Ancient Beliefs.
  3. Nature–trees, plants, and other organisms–is Intelligent.
  4. People Can Communicate with Trees, Plants, and Nature Through Their Right-brain Intuition and With Their Sensory Systems
  5. Trees, Plants, and Ecosystems are Alive and Should Be Interconnected.
  6. Stress Compromises Inner Functionality.  Three or More Stress Factors Can Lead to Decline.
  7. Decline Can Be Reversed…
  8. …with BioEnergy-Based Technologies that are Effective for People, Trees, Plants, and Ecosystems
  9. There is more than this physical reality. Living Beings exist and interact as consciousnesses as well as live in bodies.  This is often called “spirit.”
  10. People Are Not Victims, They Can Change Their Ideas and Practices.
  11. Cooperation, Partnership, and Equality are the New Ways to Thrive in the New World that is Evolving.

Basic Concept #1:

Being Open-minded and Thinking Outside of the Box Leads to Breakthroughs.

Albert Einstein is remembered as saying “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

For the last 400+ years, Western culture has considered Nature to be a resource that should be used.  The result?  She has been abused.

Continuing to use the old ways will not solve either the personal alienation from Nature that many people experience or the environmental damage that’s been done.  If people were to follow Einstein’s wisdom, they would abandon practices of using or controlling Nature.

Ancient and indigenous peoples respect Nature as if She were alive.  Such thinking was considered “crazy” in 20th century Western culture.  Ancient and indigenous peoples ask Nature for her permission and Her advice.  Fortunately for the health of the planet,   such practices are now on the rebound.

The breakthroughs humanity needs to re-establish dynamic balance and rejuvenate the health of not only trees and plants but also WHOLE ecosystems come from  open-minded, out-of-the-box thinking which calls for collaborative interaction with the living Beings and underlying intelligence of Nature.

Basic Concept #2.

New Sciences Are Paralleling Ancient Beliefs

New Sciences Are paving the Way for a New Era of Not Only Understanding the World We Live In But Also Thriving In It.  They are paralleling with Ancient Beliefs.  

This section addresses an array of new sciences.  Scroll down to see each new science.

The Science of Living Systems

In the late 1900’s, scientists world-wide studied different aspect of what it means to be a living system.  Dr. Fritjof Capra summarized their work in his 1996 book, The Web of Life.

He explained that there are three fundamental criteria for a living system.  Trees and all plants qualify as living systems by all three of these criteria.

  • “Network Pattern.”  Trees/plants operate with a complex pattern of organization like an orchestra.  They have interacting and interdependent parts and functions which work in feedback loops.
  • “Dissipative Structure.”  Living systems undergo dynamic change and yet maintain a stable structure. This was Nobel Prize winning research.  For example, as an oak tree begins as an acorn and grows into a massive tree, so it has a stable structure while dynamic changes occur constantly.
  • “Cognition as the Process of Life.”  All living beings show intelligence or cognition.  Not only do sunflowers follow the sun’s progress East to West during the day, but in the morning, they are waiting for the sun in the East again.  This is not considered human intelligence, which is the result of language and culture.  “Cognition” is intelligence in the sense that a single celled organism in a Petri dish will go toward the food and away from the poison.

According to Dr. Lipton in his book The Biology of Belief, every cell–whether human, animal, or plant–is intelligent.  The membrane (outer coating) of cells must “decide” what to allow in and what to keep out.  Even though very different in structure and physiology, trees and other plants share a similar fundamental cellular biology with humans. 

All cells have walls, internal structures and operate based on energy exchanges and patterns.  Systems, which are aggregates of cells, must interact in coordination with other systems for the benefit of the whole.  This is the same in all living organisms.

Quantum Physics

A new breed of scientists in the early 1900’s broke from the Newtonian physics of the previous 400 years.  Their experimental results with energy, particles, and light did not fit into the Newtonian principles created during Renaissance times.  For a comprehensive and persuasively insightful history of Western culture’s shift to materialism since the 1600’s, please read Chapter 4 of the book Harmony, by The Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness Charles.

During the early to mid 1900’s, Quantum Physicists explored the nature of matter and of light. 

They determined that everything is energy and all matter is fundamentally connected.  Fritjof Capra, in his book The Tao of Physics, drew parallels between the new physics and ancient spiritual principles. 

In his 1975 book, he made three important points:

  1. Everything is energy.  (As Einstein showed.)
  2. All matter is shown to be physically connected at the most fundamental levels in much the same way that mystics throughout the ages have taught.
  3. Linear thought developed by Descartes and Newton during the Renaissance works for large scale and practical science but it does not work at the level of the quantum.  At the level of photons, a new kind of thinking–holistic and systems–is what works.

Energy Fields

In the HeartMath Institute’s research in the 1990’s, sensitive new equipment and new human experiments revealed that that heart has as much neural tissue as the brain-in-the-head.  More than that, the heart generates a measurable bio-electro-magnetic field.  This discovery lead  Heartmath scientists to declare that the heart is a brain.  So, it is similar to radio technology: both a transmitter of information and a receiver. 

Coherence — integrity or continuity — between the heart-brain and the head-brain leads to enormous health benefits for people.  The illustration on page 34 of the bestseller The HeartMath Solution by Childre and Martin, shows how the heart’s field is depicted as a sphere-shape around the human body.

The human heart is, in fact, much more than a pump.  It is a transmitter of your bioenergy field and receiver of others’.  Check out the free paper called The Resonant Heart at www.HeartMath.org.

On pages 93 to 111 of The Secret Teachings of Plants, Stephen Buhner’s book, he reminds people that their own bodies generate powerful oscillations from the heart, the gut, and the brain.  In a practical sense, how can this knowledge be used?  If you are within about 5 feet of another person, your heart field and their heart field are overlapping.  That answers the question why people feel good around certain people and not so good around others.

Summary of Plant BioEnergy Field Research:

In her book, The Intention Experiment, Lynne McTaggart shows countless studies relating to hands-on human healing, the role of human attention, and how intentional concentration works.

Two of the studies relevant to plants are:

  1. Fritz-Albert Popp has proven that light emanates from organisms.  Photons are generated by the DNA of all organisms.
  2. Konstantin Korotkov’s bio-energy fields research shows that there is a 2-way flow of information between living beings.

Ms. McTaggart suggests that this research may confirm the lie detector work of Cleve Backster’s.

When it first came out in the ‘60’s, The Secret Life of Plants was a best-seller.  It was full of history and anecdotal information about plants as living organisms and about the people who worked with them.  Lie detector expert Cleve Baxter, became well known for hooking up his lie detection equipment to a houseplant in his office.  In the experiment, he threatened the plant with fire.  The results were amazing: the plant’s energy fields were detected by the lie-detector equipment!  Cleve Baxter continued his work, extending it to other living organisms as well.

Overlapping Energy Fields or “Interference Patterns”

Human beings generate measurable bio-electro-magnetic fields––also known as bio-energy fields––primarily from their hearts.  Trees and plants, as whole organisms, have “intelligent” cells and myriad inner functions operating in complex feedback loops.  Like human beings, trees and plants also generate bio-energy fields.

Overlapping coherent energy patterns–or “interference patterns”  – are proven to contain information.

This suggests that there are overlapping energy fields––waves of energy––interacting between people and between a person and a tree or plant.  The waves of energy which come to your cell phone can’t be seen…but the signal allows people to have conversations.  No wires needed.  Similarly, the overlapping bioenergy fields between a person and a tree exist and carry information.

Stephen Buhner looks beyond the human heart’s bioenergy field from pages 111 to 115 of his book The Secret Teachings of Plants. He says that all living beings––humans, animals, plants––are bonded together by the living fields that they generate.  He reminds readers that over billions of years, plants not only learned to use their own biofields to maintain their own health, but have also learned to put information into their fields to share with other organisms in the ecosystem.

The Science of Intentionality

Lynne McTaggart’s book The Intention Experiment,  reports on countless studies performed in last 100 years, and mostly in the last 20 years, involving the use of human intention and focused attention to impact matter, including other human beings’ health.

At TheIntentionExperiment.com, Ms. McTaggart is conducting intention experiments in which anyone can participate.

These amazing pictures can be seen in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s books: The Hidden Messages in Water, Secret Life of Water, Water Crystal Healing, and others. Recent work photographing water as it freezes into snowflakes reveals amazingly beautiful crystals.  Water taken from pure sources produces well shaped, beautiful crystals.  In contrast, water from polluted sources when frozen makes misshapen, “ugly” forms. 

What was not expected in the water-freezing work of Dr. Emoto, was that attention, prayer, the written word, music, meditation and focused intention had a visible impact on water.  All of those activities had a dramatic effect in changing the appearance.  For instance, “thank you” written on a container changed the resulting appearance of the frozen water crystals.

People and plants are mostly water.  If free-floating water can be influenced by intention or music or words, what might happen to the water in our own bodies or in trees and plants if we use intentional concentration or focused attention?

Basic Concept #3: Nature is Intelligent

Trees and plants are living organisms.  They grow, branch, reproduce, feed themselves, and more. 

Trees and plants show great creativity in their expression of Life and their adaptation to living conditions over the last 2 billion years.   The variety of forms and the beauty of their appearance is astonishing.  The fact that they can transform sunlight and a few resources into food for themselves reflects not only evolutionary creativity but also moment-to-moment responsiveness to stimuli.

Stephen Buhner, in The Secret Teachings of Plants, is quoted on page 45 of the book Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide, “All self-organized systems are, in fact, intelligent.  They have to be.  For they must continually monitor their environments, internal and external; detect perturbations; decide on the basis of those perturbations what the likely effect will be; and respond to them in order to maintain self-organization.”

The word “cognition” implies a certain self-awareness, as discussed with Capra’s book Web of Life in Concept #2. 

Plants have been found to do cost/benefit analysis and to recognize self from non-self.  For more detail on this, please see Pages 33-35 of the book Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide

Also check out the website of the Society for Plant Signaling and Behavior.  This scientific society had to change its name because the members’ research indicated the intelligence of plants.

Jeremy Narby interviewed a celebrated British biologist for his book Intelligence in Nature.  Jeremy Narby’s work is noted on page 94 of Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide. He says that plants do not have brains; rather plants ARE brains.  There is evidence of computation among plant proteins which leads scientists to believe that the whole organism conducts complex internal communication.

Basic Concept #4: People Can Communicate with Nature Through Their Right-Brain  Intuition and With Their Sensory Systems

How do you receive non-verbal information?

Give yourself credit for your existing communication skills. Only a small percentage of person-to-person communication comes through words. Vocal inflection, body stance, timing––these are all aspects of communication among people.  Perhaps you have animals: dogs, cats, horses, or even birds. You know how smart they can be. They don’t talk, but they may as well. You understand what they are “saying” to you.

***The Personal Experience of Intuitive Communication with Trees and Nature***

You may have already experienced such a profound connection.

Or, sensory/intuitive communication may be new to you. Here’s how it works:  When you are open-minded and standing close to a tree or plant, your bioenergy fields are overlapping.  In that overlapping area, information is shared and exchanged, emotional perception is heightened. You can – and already do – receive messages from Nature whether you realize it or not.

  • Using your physical senses: seeing, hearing, touching…
  • With your emotions such as feeling peaceful when you go for a quiet walk in the woods.
  • Through direct perception or intuitive perception such as inner hearing, inner seeing, inner knowing.
  • When you get impressions or impulses

Dr. Jim and Basia call it BioBalia Nature InterPlay™. It’s a deeply personal and profound experience of mutual connection with the Life Force and bioenergy field of a Living Being that happens to be green and has leaves and roots.

Nature InterPlay the BioBalia way is about getting to know humanity’s partners on the planet as fellow Living Beings.  When connecting and communicating with a tree, plant or other being of Nature, you don’t just think about it; you interact with it. 

The most important thing about receiving messages is to give yourself credit for opening your mind and heart.  It may initially seem like you are making it up, but don’t worry! You are not.  When you are willing to try and if you allow your sense of child-like wonder to prevail, the intelligence within Nature will offer its insights and wisdom to you.  Just listen.

To tune-up your ability to receive non-verbal information or messages from Nature’s living beings, Conroy and Alexander suggest reading Chapter 4 of Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide.

Also, you can use these short MP3 guided visualization exercises available for FREE at our sister website: www.PlantKingdomCommunications.com.

  1. Awareness of your Heart's Field
  2. Breathing Connection Cycle
  3. Put Yourself in the Tree's Place

Basic Concept #5:  Trees, Plants, and Ecosystems are Alive and Should Be Interconnected.

The most fundamental principle of Partnering with Nature affirms the aliveness of every being.

Science certifies the idea and the fact of the complex web of life on the planet. People often forget that they are a part of that web of life.  And, in recent years, many scientists are warning about that web losing coherence due to climate extremes.

Ancient spirituality and indigenous peoples hold that everything is connected to everything. The various disciplines of Physics prove the validity of that belief. People may not see the lines of kinship between themselves and green slime or kudzu vine, but if people were to act as if all are connected, then humanity has a chance to take wise actions to restore the health of all on the planet.

When properly interconnected, all organisms in an ecosystem are actually harmonizing so that all are living in dynamic balance.  Philosophies about competition in Nature are shallow.  It is true that all of the living beings in Nature need to feed each other, so there is hunting and death.  But, Nature’s organisms will not kill more than they need for food in the moment, except for people, of course.

So, Nature’s organisms attempt to maintain balance with each other.  When in balance, something greater than the sum of the parts arises: a “whole” ecosystem emerges wherein all beings are healthy and living up to their innate potentials.

That is what we call "BioBalia".

What stops living Beings from staying interconnected, healthy, and in dynamic balance?

Basic Concept #6:  Stress Compromises Inner Functionality.  Three or More Stress Factors Can Lead to Decline.

Stress is costly.  Having stress reactions in your own body compromises your health and vitality.  The same is true for trees, plants, and ecosystems.

It’s like an orchestra.  When a symphony orchestra is playing harmoniously, all the instruments are in tune, on beat and playing the same music.  If not, there is discord.  So, internal functionality can be thought of as interacting and interdependent feedback loops operating inside of an organism. For a tree, all aspects of inner physiology must be coordinated and working properly in relation to all others for the tree to be healthy.

Insects and disease organisms are rarely the original cause stress but are drawn to already stressed trees or plants.  When they arrive, they deepen the tree’s stress.

And stress factors are additive.

For example, just because it rains doesn’t mean that a tree is over the drought stress.  The compromised feedback loops in its hydration systems can persist well beyond the next 5 or 50 rains. 

Internal functionality for a tree or any plant includes:

  • Circulation of fluids
  • Photosynthesis
  • Uptake of water and nutrients
  • Movement of water and nutrients in the xylem and phloem to the growing point
  • Cell division

For a list of the main Stress Factors and What You Can Do About Them… please contact Basia (at) PartnerWithNature (dot) com

For the full explanation of how three or more stress factors can lead to decline, please read Chapter 6 of the book, Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide to Touching, Healing, and Communicating with Trees, Plants, and All of Nature. 

In Chapter 6, you learn about the a>b>c>d>e flow of functionality.

Basic Concept #7: Decline Can Be Reversed…

Conventional tree care works on the outside of trees, hoping that the tree can heal itself on the inside.

Decline can be reversed—not by adding additional stress factors like fertilizers or doing invasive techniques—but by operating in a hands-on, bioenergy-based partnership with the powerful bioenergy field and Life Force of the tree itself. Interacting in that way is what we call BioBalia Nature InterPlay.

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  Start early to address stress factors in your trees and plants.  After a tree or plant has regained its inner health, products can then be effective to keep it healthy.

Basic Concept #8:  …with BioEnergy-Based Energy-Medicine Systems that are Effective for People, Trees, Plants, and Ecosystems

Having a personal experience with human-based energy-medicine systems such as Reiki, Touch-for-Health, the BodyTalk System, EFT, EMDR, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and so many others is the best way to realize the validity of energy medicine in general.  Such complementary approaches are now used in hospitals world-wide––and they work! 

Then, it is a simple, logical step to realize that a similar bioenergy-based approach will work with the Plant Kingdom of life on this planet.

Decline can be reverse by re-establishing functionality and dynamic balance inside of the tree by helping the tree regain its health on the inside! 

All of Dr. Jim Conroy's BioBalia Nature InterPlay methods do just that. They've been shown to be very effective with trees and ecosystems.

Simple Nature InterPlay approaches that anyone can do in their own backyards or in parks include Holistic Chores®, Nature Communication®, Tree Whispering®, Green Centrics®, EcoPeace Treaties®, and others.

Basic Concept #9:  There is more than this physical reality.  Living Beings exist and interact as consciousness or "Spirit" as well as interact in living bodies.  

Life Force can’t be touched, seen, or measured directly, but a living being radiates Life Force because it is alive. 

When someone connects with the Life Force of another living Being, it can be called a “spiritual”experience.

For those who accept that Life is somehow sacred, it may be a logical step to realize or accept that there is more to existence than the physical reality which people are accustomed to experiencing.  And, some people can attest to personal experience–through meditation or near-death experiences–that a consciousness exists beyond the physical dimensions.

The innovative work of BioBalia Nature Interplay that Dr. Jim Conroy has developed and uses on large tracts of land is based on the idea that consciousness is primary and physicality flows from it.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences has 20+ years of research into consciousness.

Find their science position statement here.

Basic Concept #10:  People Are Not Victims. They Can Change Their Ideas and Practices

Can you teach old dogs new tricks?  Maybe not dogs, but people are resilient, smart, and creative––especially about their own lives and living sustainably on this planet.  People are not victims.  They can change their ideas and practices.

Some people might consider this an optimistic view of humanity, but it is the only viewpoint which will allow for humanity to solve its problems and rise to a higher state.  People can realize that some of their beliefs about trees and plant care are outmoded.  People can learn new practices.

The first key practice is learning to come from the plant’s point of view.

People can set aside their individual point of view through engaging feelings of rapport and compassion for others. 

The easiest way to start coming from the tree’s point of view is to enjoy the “Putting Yourself in the Tree’s Place” guided visualization exercise or other exercises available as mp3s.  

By personally experiencing through your imagination what it feels like to be inside of a tree’s trunk or inside of its leaves or roots, you can begin to come from the tree’s or plant’s point of view.

Basic Concept #11:  Cooperation, Partnership, and Equality are the New Ways to Thrive in the New World that is Evolving.

Simply put, partnering with Nature is the path to thriving on Earth. It's humanity's new "operating system" for a livable planet.

There is ample evidence that humanity has already been on an evolutionary path to a higher state of Being.  Change is everywhere. 

In Dr. Edmund Bourne’s book, Global Shift: How a New Worldview is Transforming Humanity,  future trends are clearly described.  He suggests that people will go beyond their current polarized worldview––”either/or”––and will embrace a new framework based in––”and”––the union of opposites.

Dr. Bourne’s book shows that all of humanity is in the midst of great shifts of thinking and major alterations in cultural institutions.  The old ways of domination, control, and superiority have reached their limits and no longer work on small planet with finite resources.

How will humanity shift its “paradigm” or predominant operating system? 

As humanity moves into a new era, living by principles of equality and using practices involving partnership and cooperation will prove to be sustainable and peaceful approaches. Each person can start to make this paradigm shift within their unique relationship to Nature.

By coming from the plant’s, tree’s, or ecosystem’s point of view, people can seek answers and solutions with humility and effectiveness.  Since both people and Nature’s living beings are intelligent organisms, they can work together to co-create health and well-being.


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