How Do You Co-Create With Nature?

Have you ever done a project with others? Perhaps put together a new product at work? or helped with a fund-raiser at church? or worked with siblings to pull together a family birthday for a parent?

Working with other humans is potentially full of challenges, disagreements, ego-related issues, unrealistic deadlines, ... shall I go on?

But working with Nature in a co-creative way can be a pleasure--if you are willing to put your ego on hold and act on the advice you are intuitively getting from whatever Being of Nature that you are co-creating with.

For example, somewhere along the way, you learned that trees need fertilizer, pruning, and/or spraying. BUT, you want to work with your trees in a co-creative way. Would you barrel in there with bags of this-or-that and your chain saw? NO.

You would sit down and have a chat.

How to Co-Create with Nature:

First you could go through the collaboration processes (as found in another blog entry.)

You would tell everyone to leave you alone, take a little chair, a notebook, and sit down next to a tree.

You would get quiet inside and connect with the bioenergy, the LIFE Force, and the deep intelligence of that tree--of Nature.

Then you would start describing what you want and then asking it questions.

For instance in this example, you might say things like, "I am thinking about putting an addition on the house. I want it to have lots of windows so that I can see you easily. And I don't want the construction process to hurt you."

And you might continue to describe what you want to do. You might ask questions in the format in order to get simple yes/no answers. You might also listen for messages from the intelligence in the Nature Being--it will have advice for you.

Then, you would hear/see/feel its answer as either the information "yes" or "no" or you would intuit the tree's directions or advice to you. Often, Nature's intelligence will pop an idea into your consciousness that is BETTER than what you were originally thinking about.

Repeat this process several times for something as important as construction near a tree.

You can ask Nature about anything--whatever your desires, ideas, or project is about.


You are getting the answers directly from the living Being who is going to be affected by your actions.

True, this process takes a little longer. It asks more of you to be compassionate, not self-centered, and patient.

Assuring a Positive Future on Earth

By asking Nature for information, you are not assuming that you already know what the right thing to do is.

By this kind of collaborative and co-create approach, people can assure a positive future for all here on planet Earth.

Sep 2, 2021
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