Path to a Livable Planet

How do you CoCreate a Livable Planet?

For a livable planet, do you think you have to work with the whole planet? Maybe. But you can simply read these Livable Planet Whispers to a tree in your backyard. That will help because everything is connected to everything!

Whispers® for a Livable Planet to Heal Ecological Damage

‍The ecological crisis on this planet is alarming! Practical actions are only half of what is needed for a livable planet.

Healing Path Step 1: Nature Communication

Take the Healing Path Step 1: A journey begins with the first step. An adventure starts with the first unknown. Nature Communication = Connecting with Life Force.

Healing Path Step 2: Tree Whispering

Take the Healing Path Step 2: Tree Whispering® is a way to step inside of the tree's world and to have a personal and peaceful experience of the Life Force of trees and plants. It's also mutually healing. Tree Whispering = Peaceful Experiences and Mutual Healing.

Healing Path Step 3: Climate Whispering

Take the Healing Path Step 3: Climate Whispering helps trees and Nature withstands the effects of climate extremes and empowers you. Climate Whispering = Restore Nature, Empower People.

Healing Path Step 4: Forest Healing Walks

Take the Healing Path Step 4: While going for a forest walk, you can literally be on a healing path. Find out how.

Healing Path Step 5: Holistic Chores

Take the Healing Path Step 5: Always practical, when you do your needed garden or tree care chores, having this holistic approach will be both respectful and successful. You will be working in partnership with Nature.

Healing Path Step 6: Cooperative BioBalance

Take the Healing Path Step 6: It's a big step to think about not just trees, but the whole ecosystem. We've created leading edge methods for the restoration of healthy relationships among the multitude of ecosystem members.