What do we mean by heal ecological damage?

I won’t talk about anything negative because I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about all the troubles with climate change.

I’ll just say: "Climate change CAUSES ecological damage.  And vice versa."

Certainly humanity—each of us—has to do the practical things such as reducing carbon footprint, recycling, and more. But there is something else that also needs doing:  HEALING.

It’s not often thought that Nature can be HEALED.  People think that Nature just lives and is fine. It is not.  Trees all over the world are stressed and sick.

But, any living being that is stressed and sick can be HEALED.  

How?  Well, conventional approaches (such as the use of products) or common practices (such as pruning) don’t HEAL.  

I keep using the word “HEALING” because I mean

  • the restoration of inner functionality through the use of energy alignments
  • re-establishing interconnectivity among parts and systems
  • aligning with Life Force
  • reducing inner blockages of bioenergy
  • bringing dynamic balance back between 2 parts or 2 organisms
  • the engagement of consciousness between 2 living Beings.

Healing isn’t even on the radar of conventional tree or forest management approaches.  Almost nothing that they do actually heals.  It’s just more human attempts to control based on what they THINK trees or Nature needs—and that usually involves some kind of product or invasive technique.  They don’t know.  They haven’t asked trees or Nature.

How about at PartnerWithNature.org?

When we HEAL ecological damage, we ASK Nature.  She knows.  

And Dr. Jim and I have created Whispers® that interact with Nature's situations and provide the information She needs to regain health.  Yes, Healing Whispers and Climate Whispers do the job, thanks to YOUR application of mindfulness and your caring.  

We are also in favor of doing practical things…but after we provide the LIFE FORCE and BIOENERGY improvements and repairs that trees and all Nature Beings need.  

What can you do?

HEALING ECOLOGICAL DAMAGE is a giant rehabilitation project that you can start right in your own backyard or in a local park with just one tree.  When you are restoring inner health to any living being, you are HEALING.  

And you are healing yourself, too, because we are all of us on this planet interconnected.  

So the old mindsets have to go because they are obsolete.  

Consciousness -- the Heart and Mind -- do the work

So the children have a future.  

Oct 28, 2020
Path to a Livable Planet
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