On the Threshold of Global Upshifting

It's the end of December, 2020. Happy New Year for 2021!

I'm sure you've heard about the rare "Christmas star" that just happened on the day of the Solstice, December 21st.

It actually was the way that Jupiter and Saturn lined up to appear VERY close to each other from Earth's astronomical viewing perspective. That hasn't happened for 600 years. What made it more rare and significant was that it not only happened on the Solstice--which is a meaningful day since it signifies the move from autumn to winter and the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere--but it was also significant because of the way astrologers watch the skies.

I have been watching the astrology lately.  I am not “into” it but I feel that occasionally, it’s worth paying attention to astrology for both insight and for perspective.  Astrologers calculate where planets and stellar constellations are in relationship to each other and then interpret the meanings based on systems that are many thousands of years old. Astrology was a kind of psychology before science came on the scene. It was also a use of deep intuitive insight about the way the human beings live with each other. Some people think it's predictive. I think it's insightful.

So, the way I understand it, the moment of close proximity of Jupiter and Saturn together as viewed from earth was understood to occur in a special place in relationship to the stellar constellations: in Aquarius. This event is considered to be the “official" threshold of shift from the 2000 year “old age” of Pisces to the 2000 year “new age” of Aquarius.  These major changes in epochs don’t really happen in an instant or overnight.  But, there was that moment we can point to as significant. 

Many people have known this was coming for a long time.  Even back to the popular Broadway Musical HAIR and the song that we something like "when the moon is in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligns with..."  And the last several years of disasters and deconstruction of cultural structures have actually been leading up to this moment of shift… painful though they have been.  But we are ready to move beyond the pain now.

Jupiter and Saturn together on the Solstice formed a kind of a threshold for humanity.

And humanity is being invited to step through a door into a whole new world where everybody wins, all living beings and the planet Herself, not just people.

For me, now that the moment is here, I feel a deep peacefulness.  

I feel that there has been a shift in consciousness.

Humanity's consciousness knows -- at a very deep and currently UNconscious level for some people -- that as a species we can’t go on doing the destructive things have been doing. Or, Nature will boot us off the planet. We are optional. The planet Earth will continue without us just fine.

So, we have choices to make.  It’s a choice between the old self-destructive ways (I just heard from a friend that someone cut down all of the Pin Oaks along her local creek) and new harmonious, cooperative ways. 

I looked it up: Aquarius

The meaning given to Aquarius includes harmony, cooperation, and remembering that we are spiritual beings (life forces or souls) having a physical experience here on Earth. In other words, Aquarius is about remembering to "think" with our hearts not our logic and recognizing that we are all one humanity even with our individuality.


To get to the other side of that threshold, people have to realize that their well-worn beliefs are NOT true and are, in fact, the real causes of all their own traumas and the source of all of the environmental damage.  

Well worn but erroneous beliefs:
  • "Life is a struggle" and "I have to compete” “There isn’t enough”
  • “I never win.  Life is unfair. I’m not good enough”
  • “To be safe I have to control others and dominate Nature”
  • “I know what it best for Nature and I'm gonna do it my way"

Sound familiar?

There's a feedback loop between each of those beliefs (and the thousands of others you have) and your reality. (See the arrows in the above illustration.)

Here's the bottom line: it's NOT "See it and believe it".

The way life really works is BELIEVE IT AND THEN SEE IT.  

(Don’t take it from me.  There are ages of sages who have taught that truth.)

Since it's the holiday season, I'll reference you to the sweet little movie from 1946 called "Miracle on 34th Street." The little girl, Susan, learns how to believe and her wish comes true. It's not linear, it's not logical, it's not sensible… but that's how life works.

The Big Leap

So UPSHIFT your beliefs (I call them "reality generators") to something like these... Have fun with creating your own.

  • "Life works out well for me.  I am worthy.  We all win together.”
  • “There is plenty to go around because Nature is abundant when partnered with.”
  • "I am a spiritual Being having a physical experience, and I can attract everything I need while being kind to others."
  • "I ask Nature for Her wisdom in a humble way."

What am I Doing to Take the Big Leap?

I am choosing to live in the midst of all of the current negativity by being bouyed-up by these astrological signs of hope and by my own positive beliefs. I am UPSHIFTING my beliefs, moment by moment.

It's true that doing that requires a lot of mindfulness... I have to be paying attention to those barely audible little things I tell myself. And I'm paying special attention to the ones that aren't how I want to live, like "It won't work for me."

That belief has kept me from trying so many things in life.

But now, rather than wallow in regrets, I am choosing this new REALITY GENERATOR: "Whatever I go for with my heart will work out well."

I invite you to choose new REALITY GENERATORS for yourself.

And I invite you to step through the door --the spiritual portal formed by Jupiter and Saturn on the Solstice -- into a new world where everybody wins.

As always, Dr. Jim and I are doing our best to teach ways to partner with our Mother Earth so that you and other tree and Nature lovers can restore the planet to livability.


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Dec 31, 2020
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