BioBalia is the environmental condition that emerges when Nature's BIOlogy is in BALance, highly interconnected, working in partnership, in sync, and wholeness.

BioBalia's goals are always mutual healing between trees and people, and protection for all from the damaging effects of climate extremes.

Think of BioBalia as an ideal situation where all trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems are healthy and functional, operating in dynamic balance, and supporting each other as a single network. Since humans are Nature Beings too, it's possible and best that people included themselves in this state of healthy functionality, cooperation, and wholeness.  

What is BioBalia Nature InterPlay™?

It's is the name for all of the consciously collaborative methods that we teach and use every day to heal sick/stressed trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems and to help them protect themselves from climate damage. The result is a healthy whole greater than the sum of its parts.

BioBalia Nature InterPlay is enlightened stewardship with trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems that leads to a sustainable relationship with Nature and positive future for a thriving biosphere. It's a paradigm shift away from the old exploitation and domination that had lead to our ecological crises.  

It's an experience of kinship, mindfulness, and cooperation with the Spirits of Nature's living Beings to restore a livable planet.

Imagine the trees in your backyard, your neighborhood, the bioregion, your continent, and then the Beings of the whole planet glowing with health, vitality, vigor, interconnection, partnership, and empowerment.
Is this idea too idyllic to be real?

No. Dr. Jim Conroy and I, Basia Alexander, see pockets of BioBalia-Wholeness emerging in places where we have used the various methods associated with BioBalia Nature InterPlay.

Secrets and Methods to Learn on the Journey to BioBalia

We have developed these and other methods by working directly with the consciousness of trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems since 2002.

Our development work is done consciousness-to-consciousness, Spirit-to-Spirit, and bioenergy-to-bioenergy--a kind of collaboration and partnership with trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems not done anywhere else.

Classes in all of the following secrets for partnering and InterPlay methods will be posted at our School as they are recorded.

Connection Experiences

You are probably just the kind of person who would love to have have connection experiences with the trees you love.

In this video, it may not look like people are doing much but there is a lot happening:

  • They are relaxing. De-stressing. Breathing. Enjoying themselves.
  • In deep concentration.
  • Focusing on another Being instead of themselves.
  • Mindfully being with another in a meditative way. Making a difference to that other Being.
  • Enjoying an exchange of Life Energy with it.
  • They are connecting with it. In other words, overlapping their bioenergy fields with the bioenergy field of that other living being.
  • Getting messages.
  • Experiencing what that tree's life is like.
  • Asking questions to find out whether it is healthy, interconnected in its ecosystem, or attaining its life's goals.
  • Experiencing unity with the the Spirit of Life
  • Perhaps receiving healing.

Secrets and classes available soon at BioBalia Institute School.

Nature Communication™

Nature has intelligence.  

That might sound like a bold statement but think about this: In 4 billion years Nature has produced organisms--The Plant Kingdom--that can

  • forage for resources
  • distinguish between food and not-food,
  • communicate with each other and cooperate,
  • recognize self verses non-self,
  • determine what their environment is offering,
  • and do cost-benefit analysis.

The Society for Plant Signaling and Behavior says in their mission statement that plants can do all that and more.  So Nature has intelligence.  

That means you, as an intelligent Being of Nature, have the inborn ability to communicate with Nature and her living Beings.  Modern culture’s assumptions constrain your capabilities.

Stretch your limits.  Learn to communicate with the intelligence—or spirit—of Nature’s living Beings.  Nature Beings have wonderful stories to tell about themselves!


  • Release old, worn-out ideas about what you can and cannot do.
  • Expand your talents to perceive—hear, see, feel, know.
  • Have confidence in your ability to listen deeply, to envision, to experience, and to understand what Nature Beings want to communicate to humans.

Secrets and classes available soon at BioBalia Institute School.'s Mindful Methods™

The goal of the various Mindful Methods is MUTUAL HEALING between you and trees so that you have hope for a livable planet and trees' health is restored. There are 3 kinds of Mindful Methods.

  1. Tree Whispering®: means using physiologically correct and scientifically-based intentional messages that we provide so that you can easily convey healing from your heart and mind to the Spirit of the trees. Whispers EMPOWER YOU and HEAL LIVING BEINGS. Your conscious attention to these empowering messages interacts with the consciousness of the trees or plants of any kind. It's your good intentions, your loving heart, and your open mind that makes this work. You might receive messages back from the trees. Remember, they are eager to communicate and partner with humanity.
  2. Targeted Visualizations™: When you hold a physiologically correct and scientifically-based targeted image in your mind's eye on behalf of a tree, you are providing it with the information it needs to heal itself. This occurs in a consciousness-to-consciousness overlap.
  3. Guided Meditations: You enter a sacred space with a tree or plant and both go through a healing and information-sharing process that is restful, peaceful, and beneficial for both of you.

Secrets and classes available soon at BioBalia Institute School.

Holistic Chores®

Doing the practical things in the backyard, garden or with any trees by using this holistic approach is both respectful and successful. This is a great way to partner with Nature.

Sure, you like the idea of PARTNERING with Nature in order to mutually benefit and help living Beings survive and thrive.  

But, you’re also practical and you have to do those darn chores.  Here are some WAYS for you and for Nature Beings to work holistically in partnership so that the results are more successful.  

Sometimes conventional approaches are too harsh for trees, plants and other Beings of Nature. Trees can be damaged or killed by rough pruning.  Sometimes transplanting is not successful. Construction around trees, plants and other organisms is particularly disruptive and is often dangerous to trees.  

You can do chores like these in more holistic, respectful, gentle, and considerate ways.

Holistic Chores maximize the chances of success because you won’t hurt trees, plants, and other organisms when you want to do practical things.

  • Transplanting.
  • Pruning.
  • Weeding.
  • Repairing Disturbances.
  • Investigating Trouble.
  • When anticipating construction.
  • Harvesting.
  • and more....

Classes available soon at BioBalia Institute School.

Mend Trees in Climate xTREEmz

Trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems are in danger from climate extremes, but you can help them.

Extremes such as extreme heat, untimely temperature shifts either daily or seasonally, strong storms, wind, drought, wildfires, flooding, and more can send trees and any kind of plants into decline.

The Climate Extreme Protections are healing and collaborative interactions you can do with your trees that give them correct anatomical and physiological adjustments to protect their parts, systems, functionality, and bioenergy in the face of climate extremes.

Secrets and classes available soon at BioBalia Institute School.

More Secrets come with Advanced Methods

Cooperative BioBalance: Living beings can and do cooperate with each other. The more they are in dynamic balance, the greater the likelihood that the condition of BioBalia will arise.

Green Centrics: This is a multi-session workshop teaching the details of healing treatments for trees and plants of every kind.

EcoPeace Treaties: Another multi-session workshop that supports trees and other organisms to co-exist.

Secrets and classes available soon at BioBalia Institute School.

Sep 27, 2022
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