Help Crops & Trees Survive Drought

The growers at a CSG (Community Supported Garden) in northwest New Jersey asked for help in mid August, 2022. The farm was without rain for about 2 months; crops were showing signs of stress.

As long-time members of this farm, Dr. Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander stepped forward to offer to the farm members their consciousness-based collaborative healing methods for the Plant Kingdom.

Sure, rain is important. But this video will make it clear that just because it rains doesn't mean the the plants will immediately take up the rain or regain their health.

Find out why in this video of their presentation:

Please email Basia Alexander at the above address and ask for the PDF printable document of the "Whispers" referred to in this video.
Copies may also be available in the CSG distribution center. Thank you.

Please consider signing up for the mini-course at our BioBalia Institute School.

If you are signed-up, you will get updates as good things happen and upgrades to the materials as needed. The CSG video is also a BONUS in the mini-course.

Aug 16, 2022
Learning and Fun
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