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What makes different from any other Nature-related site on the internet?


(Point #1) is different because everything here is based on these truths:

  • Nature has deep intelligence with which humans are equal—not superior. 
  • Nature's wisdom is profound and always available.
  • Nature needs respectful and collaborative actions, not controlling or dominating actions. And people need to be able to recognize the difference.
  • Nature and humans can have a mutually supportive, conscious, and co-creative relationship, not an exploitive one.  
  • A mutually supportive relationship will lead to rejuvenation for all. Everybody can win!

(Point #2) Partnering with Nature is like slow-dancing with a beloved and equal partner.  

It means have connection experiences with trees and other living Beings of Nature.  Connection begins with affection that grows into an experience of togetherness. You can get closer and closer to the heartbeat of the living network on the planet. shows you how to be connected with the wisdom and spirit of trees, plants, animals, and others. Then you can have mutual communication through your senses and intuition.  

(Point #3) To really be a partner, you have to “walk a mile in the other person's shoes.”  

To really be a partner with a tree, you have to be able to imagine what its life is like, come from its point of view, stand in its roots.  When you "see through a tree's 'eyes'" (so to speak) you get a whole different perspective. What we mean is to experience "coming from the tree's point of view"... or from any Nature Being's point of view.

On this website there are lots of posts with do-it-yourself experiential exercises and opportunities to play along with Nature.  

(Point #4) Here’s something that few other Nature-related sites think about: Asking and then listening with humility.  

Partnering with Nature means having humility—not assuming that you, or we, or even science knows what’s best for Nature but rather ASKING Nature Beings directly what’s best for them.

You’re a considerate person: You would ASK another person what they want—you wouldn’t just presume you know.  You would listen.  

(Point #5) is the only initiative that sees reversing environmental emergencies as a DIY (do-it-yourself) project.

It's like this metaphor: If someone was choking, you wouldn’t wait for an ambulance, you would do the diaphram-jolt maneuver yourself, immediately, to save the life.  

We know that Nature is showing stress from climate extremes. Do we wait for the "ambulance?" NO. We think that each of us needs to do the emergency first aid maneuvers ourselves.

As a partner with Nature, you don’t assume that Nature will heal herself in time for all species to survive.

Doing the (very real and necessary) steps involved with reducing carbon emissions will help overall, but those steps will not cause Nature to automatically heal Herself.  She’s already too out of balance.  

Instead, empowers YOU to take innovative and direct BioEnergy-based HEALING MEASURES from your own heart and mind for a whole range of environmental issues, starting with trees in your backyard and going all the way to global climate issues.  

You can heal ecological damage with our unique consciousness-based methods. They are simple and easy.

(Point #6) gets you thinking about your thinking about Nature.  

Huh?  "Thinking about your thinking?"

We mean that many of the current culture’s beliefs and ideas about how Nature operates and what people should do to Nature need to be examined.  Old and unworkable ideas can be discarded in favor of deeper understandings and innovative thought.  

An UpShift is needed.  Everything we talk about here is aimed toward making the leap from old assumptions to new, conscious choices. And it’s all done in order to co-create a livable planet as a partner with Nature.

Thank you.

Aug 3, 2022
Why and How to Partner
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