Partnership with Nature is Earth’s new operating system for full sustainability and survivability.

It means to connect, collaborate, communicate, and co-create  directly with trees, Nature and Nature's consciousness for balance, well-being, prosperity, recreation, and ecological solutions.

Nature—trees, ecosystem members, living Beings, ‘the environment,’ the planet, all Life—wants to be equal partners with people.

And, people can live and operate in true partnership with Nature and Her living Beings.  

What we mean by “partner with Nature" is:

  • that people can have mindful and deep soul connection experiences with trees and other Nature Beings.
  • that people and Nature can collaborate as equals—people don’t have to control or dominate.
  • that people can work directly with Nature and her living Beings through a form of non-linear, bio-energy, intuitive communication to ask Nature’s profound intelligence for information and to get Her answers.
  • that people can take Nature’s perspective [can come from Her point of view] first, to follow her advice rather than assuming that people know best and, second, to have more satisfaction, balance, and prosperity in life.  
  • that wise solutions to local and even global ecological problems will be co-created through those collaborative efforts.
  • that Nature and Human partners will ultimately restore health, co-existence, and balance on Earth—doing that will be good for everyone.  

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

“Partner With Nature” may seem like a bizarre idea or a good idea…but it is the Idea Whose Time Has Come so that humanity may survive and thrive on Earth.  More human efforts to control, interfere with, or dominate Nature just won’t work.  That’s old, worn-out thinking.  

New, upgraded thinking is needed.

The new thinking combined with new behaviors will lead to a positive future for all.  It’s how “everybody wins” on the planet--or else nobody wins.

So, please explore this website and become a PARTNER WITH NATURE.  

Take the initiative to embrace these new ideas whose time has come to make the Earth a better place for all Beings to live.  

Oct 26, 2020
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