The 4 C's (Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, CoCreate) are the ways to do INTERPLAY™ with Nature's energy, power, and intelligence.

They are the path to restoring a livable planet.

The CONNECTION Experience....

"Experience" is the key word. Connection can't really be explained. It's experienced.

Nature Beings are alive and have cognition--that's according to the latest scientific research into living systems.

You connect by realizing that you are automatically in a bioenergy overlap: Every living Being produces a bio-energy field around its body. The human heart produces the largest bioenergy field of the human body. Trees and plants of every kind also produce bioenergy fields because they are alive.

You have conscious intelligence.

Trees and plants of every kind are living systems.

Every living system:

  1. operates in a network pattern
  2. undergoes dynamic change while maintaining stable structure
  3. shows "cognition" or a kind of intelligence.

That means that a tree, plant, animal, insect, or even micro-organisms have a kind of innate wisdom or intelligence with which you can connect through your consciousness and its consciousness.

And how do you get CONNECTED? 5 Easy steps:

  1. Observation.
  2. Appreciation.
  3. Inner Quiet.
  4. Finding out what a tree's life is like by asking it to tell you.
  5. Mutually exchanging healing and messages.

COMMUNICATE Directly With Nature

Communicate through Sensory Awareness: Use your predominant sense: inner hearing, envisioning, feelings in the body, or even smell or taste.

Communicate Intuitively: Every person has gut-feelings, hunches, and insight. Your intuition may operate best when you are quiet and focusing.

Coming From Nature's Point of View. Imagine that you are inside of a tree's leaves... step into its world.... experience what its life is like. "See" through a tree's eyes

Ask the tree or nature Being: "What is your life like?"

Imagine you a living under a too-big pile of mulch (like these trees pictured below), next to a light, near a hot parking lot, with people walking by you all of the time.


When you cooperate with someone, you are collaborating as equals. You are asking what they need and they are listening to what you need. You have a common goal.

Collaboration with Nature may look like someone is not doing much...

...But there is a LOT happening inside.

  • They are relaxing. De-stressing. Breathing. Enjoying themselves.
  • In deep concentration.
  • Focusing on another instead of themselves.
  • Mindfully being with another in a meditative way. Making a difference to that other Being.
  • Enjoying an exchange of Life Energy with it.
  • They are connecting with it. In other words, overlapping their bioenergy fields with the bioenergy field of that other living being.
  • Getting messages.
  • Experiencing what that tree's life is like.
  • Asking questions to find out whether it is healthy, interconnected in its ecosystem, or attaining its life's goals.
  • Experiencing unity with the the Spirit of Life
  • Perhaps receiving healing.

CO0CREATE a Healthy and Livable World

What does Co-Create Mean? Co-Creating mean something done mutually, with everyone's needs met.

So Co-Creating with Nature would mean that NATURE'S needs are met and then YOUR needs are met----sometimes in surprising and even better ways than you originally thought.

By this process, you are in Nature Interplay™ the BioBalia Way. You have become a PARTNER WITH NATURE.

You are getting the answers directly from the living Being who is going to be affected by your actions. You are not assuming that you already know what the right thing to do is.

True, this process takes a little longer. It asks more of you to be compassionate, not self-centered, and patient.

And it is the way of assuring a positive future for all here on planet Earth.

Sep 9, 2023
Learning and Fun
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