Here are some ideas about partnering with Nature that most people think aren't possible... or maybe have never thought of at all.

But, they are possible. These are ideas worth thinking about.

Secret #1: People can heal ecological damage through Nature Interplay™ the BioBalia Way and can de-stress and heal themselves in the process.

Nature is operating in extremes--mostly because of humanity’s actions: control, domination, and exploitation for hundreds of years.  

Nature can begin to heal and re-balance Herself NOW because people will start to partner with Nature through direct and conscious interactions we call BioBalia Nature InterPlay™.

"BioBalia" is the environmental condition that emerges when Nature's BIOlogy is in BALance. It's a healthy whole greater than the sum of parts.

Nature InterPlay the BioBalia Way leads to the emergence of a new whole: BioBalia.

BioBalia Nature InterPlay is conscious collaboration with Nature for healing, protecting, and interconnecting trees, plants, crops, forests, ecosystems... and also for de-stressing and healing people because people are also Nature beings.

This leads to a livable planet and positive future.

Secret #2: People can "CONNECT"--can consciously interact with trees through heart-based and deep soul ways. It's relating Spirit-to-Spirit with trees.

People can consciously interact with the living beings of Nature through non-linear, heart-felt, and open-minded experiences. 

People have the innate ability to connect deeply with Nature Beings. It's the Spirit in Nature and the Spirit in people that can overlap and interplay.

We guide people through restful and pleasant visualization exercises to connect... and teach easy-to-learn methods. 

Secret #3: Developing a partnering relationship with Nature is easy and simple when you connect, communicate, collaborate, and cocreate with trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems.


  • By coming from Nature’s point of view in humility not using a human-centric point of view.  
  • By thinking new thoughts such as "I'm Nature's partner" and
  • By taking new actions such as ASKING Nature for Her advice and wisdom.

Secret #4: You can use your consciousness to give Nature the information She needs to heal Herself.

Partnering With Nature to heal ecological damage means giving Nature the information She needs to heal Herself.  

That’s done through your conscious awareness by using Mindful Methods™ such as applying visualization of imagery, 'whispering' information and messages, and having meditative and inner-quiet types of interactions.

These Mindful Methods™ help trees and other Nature Beings use their resources more effectively and efficiently to withstand climate extremes and to heal from stress-factors more quickly. 

Secret #5: For a livable planet, we need BOTH practical actions AND mindful, bio-energy healing efforts.

Partnering with Nature is the 2nd Half of What’s Needed to restore a Livable Planet

  • 1st half: Practical actions such as reducing carbon emissions and developing appropriate technologies are needed.
  • PLUS the 2nd half: Healing trees', plants', crops', forests', and ecosystems' inner functionality and connectivity with mindful, bio-energy-based and collaborative methods that help to bring forth a livable planet.
Nobody is thinking about the 2nd half yet, so we at are ahead of the curve. 

Secret #6: Partnering with Nature leads to MUTUAL healing.

Give-and-take. A two-way street. Reciprocal.

If you want true healing FROM Nature, it's best to give healing TO trees and plants of all kinds that are currently stressed and sick in climate extremes.

The BioBalia Nature InterPlay approaches teach you how to do Mutual Healing; how to give-and-take the information and Life Force energy that both you and trees/plants need to thrive.


Secret #7: You are not alone. You can rise above environmental despair and come "home" to our growing community.

You are not alone in loving trees and Nature.  

There are millions of people just like you, longing to find a “home” where they can be inspired to rise above environmental despair and learn to make a lasting difference in their backyards, parks, and for the whole planet. is that community’s home-base. There is power in mutual and group efforts. The gathering of 2 or more adds dynamic energy to healing intentions and thoughts.

Secret #8: Trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems have "learned" to protect themselves from climate extremes.

One of the BioBalia Nature InterPlay™ methods that Dr. Jim Conroy and I, Basia Alexander, have developed since 2002 allows trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems to PROTECT THEMSELVES from Climate Extremes.

Trees and all plants on the planet have never encountered climate changes so quickly and they are having trouble adapting. Many trees and forests are going into decline. They have asked us to help them to recover and to withstand climate dangers.

The deep intelligence and innate wisdom of the Plant Kingdom, in collaboration with us, have (shall we use a human term?) "brainstormed" to develop--via consciousness--an inside-out approach to protection--no products or outer techniques.

So with human interplay, trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems can use their consciousness and Life Force to make the correct anatomical and physiological adjustments to their parts, systems, functionality, and bioenergy to protect themselves from the dangers such as

  • excess heat
  • untimely temperature shifts both daily and seasonally
  • drought
  • wildfire
  • flooding
  • strong storms
  • extreme winds

The Climate Extreme Protections are consciousness-based collaborative information that we and trees have put together in partnership so that they could do something quite new for themselves: protect themselves from the damaging effects of climate extremes.

Secret #9: Partnering With Nature and BioBalia Nature Interplay™ are respectful of the Life Force and use a holistic approach.  

It’s a holistic, bioenergy-based approach with very little need for products or invasive techniques. It's complementary with organic products. 

So, for people who want to do practical things in their backyards AND want to be respectful of the Life Force and Intelligence of the living beings there, the holistic approach yields very positive results.

Those results are based in honoring and collaborating with trees and plants as if they were people, too. In other words, by connecting, communicating, and collaborating, people can co-create with those living beings so that both people and the Nature beings get what they need and want.

Everybody wins!

There's no domination, control, or human arrogance because--with the holistic approach--people don't assume that they know best. They ASK the Nature Beings for information, then act accordingly.

It's a new paradigm -- a new human mindset -- of Partnership.

Secret #10: Partnering with Nature is a new operating system for humanity and its time has come!

Partner With Nature is a new "operating system" or framework of thought (paradigm) that humanity can use to restore livability to the planet.

It’s time has come!

It embraces the ideas “Nature is alive, intelligent and spirited” and people can consciously collaborate with the living Beings of Nature for mutual benefit 

"BioBalia" is the environmental condition that emerges when Nature's BIOlogy is in BALance.

Nature Interplay™ the BioBalia Way, leads to the emergence of a new whole: BioBalia.  

Thinking in this new way and doing the various methods we teach is a personally transformative, even spiritual, experience.  It’s satisfying, healing, and will contribute to restoring livability on this fragile planet.


Sep 29, 2022
Why and How to Partner
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