Our Top 10 "Big Ideas”

Big Idea #1: You can find out what a tree’s life is like, see the world through its ‘eyes,’ and become Nature’s partner.  

Big Idea #2: “Think” like a tree? Yes.

According to the Society for Plant Signaling and Behavior, trees and plants of all kinds have cognition and intelligence. That means you can "connect" with Nature by coming from a tree's point of view and learn from Nature’s wisdom.  

Big Idea #3: Developing a partnership-type of relationship with Nature...

... is easy and simple when you connect, communicate, collaborate, and cocreate with trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems. You can learn how at this website and at our BioBalia Institute School.

Big Idea #4: Trees and forests everywhere sick, declining. But, trees can be HEALED from the inside out and ecological damage can be mended. 

Healing needs to be mutual: It’s an InterPlay, a take-AND-GIVE with trees and Nature.  

Big Idea #5: Inner healing for people in combination with inner healing for trees and plants of every kind...

...is done through BioBalia Nature InterPlay™. "BioBalia" means "Biology in Balance."

Nature InterPlay the BioBalia way is a method of enlightened stewardship. People use consciously collaborative, Mindful Methods™ to heal trees and plants from the inside out as well as protect them from climate extremes. And, people receive healing energies and inspiration at the same time.

Big Idea #6: Do you seek spiritual experiences? A tree may be your partner in Spirit.

Big Idea #7: Both practical and mindful methods are needed to restore ecological balance.

If humanity will grow trees, crops, and forests with awareness of their intelligence and in partnership and collaboration with them, then the planet will be livable again.  

Big Idea #8: You are not alone.

You can rise above environmental despair by knowing that so many other people around the world are becoming partners with Nature.

Big Idea #9: Trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems have "learned" to protect themselves from climate extremes.

The deep intelligence and innate wisdom of the Plant Kingdom, in collaboration with Dr. Jim Conroy and me, Basia Alexander, have (shall we use a human term?) "brainstormed" to develop an inside-out approach to protection--no products or outer techniques. With human interplay in consciousness, trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems can make the correct anatomical and physiological adjustments to their parts, systems, functionality, and bioenergy to protect themselves from the dangers of climate xTREEmz.

Big Idea #10: Partnering with Nature is a new operating system for humanity. It's an idea whose time has come!

We invite you to discover BioBalia Nature InterPlay™

It's our simple and easy methods for developing nurturing and sustainable relationships with trees and all of Nature. Connect with trees and enjoy mutual healing. Communicate and collaborate with trees, forests, and other living beings of Nature. Learn the secrets to co-create a livable planet.  

Sep 26, 2022
UpShifted Ideas
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