Connect with Trees & Nature

VIDEO: Early Spring Connection Experience Example with Beech Tree

Early Spring edition of "How to Have Connection Experiences with Trees." This example is with a Beech tree in Pennsylvania.

2 VIDEOS: How do you even start to have a connection experience with a tree?

2 VIDEOS: How do you even start to have a connection experience with a tree? Watch my 2 videos: Big Red Oak and Sapling Willow


5 Easy and Simple steps to having a connection experience with trees. Basia Alexander introduces the steps in March, as part of A YEAR OF CONNECTION WITH TREES.

VIDEO: Caring+Empathy=Connection Experience with Tree

Basia learned something about connection experiences with trees! Caring+Empathy=Connection Experience with Tree

Taking Nature's Point of View, "Being" a Tree

You can know what another living Being's life is like because you can imagine or intuit looking out through their eyes, feeling their roots or wings, or hearing their inner song. It's a non-linear process--you get to let go of being human for a few minutes and imagine being a tree...or some other Nature Being.

Be Open Minded, Heart Centered, Willing to Listen

Partnering with Nature begins with an open mind. Partnering also means being able to know your own heart. Then, all you have to do is listen carefully in the quiet of your heart.

1st Exercise in Nature Communication

Please do this short mindfulness exercise to connect with a tree or other Nature Being. It's relaxing, de-stressing, and allows you to feel connected with Nature.