Thinking old thoughts and having old beliefs has resulted in the mess we humans are in -- in our culture and in our planetary environment.

For example: "People can dominate Nature. People have to control Nature and kill living Beings that are a nuisance to them. People are superior to Nature and should use science to outsmart Her."

"Upgrade Human Thinking" means people and culture adopt the ideas here at as workable ideas and use sustainable behaviors to bring forth a livable planet.

Release the unworkable.

Unlearn what you have learned.  

Have an upgraded awareness.

For example, you might begin to think these thoughts: "I am an equal with the living Beings of Nature. I can communicate, collaborate, and co-create with them. Nature knows how to restore livability to the planet if only I will ask Her, listen to Her, and do as She says."

Elevate your human framework of thought (called a "paradigm"). Lift your thinking away from insidious ideas and practices of domination and control toward ideas and practices of genuine partnership with Nature that can and will restore livability on the planet.  

You are not powerless in the face of climate change.  If you upgrade your thinking, then many other people pick it up.  The new empowered thinking spreads…and then new actions are taken…and then the world changes.  

Aug 1, 2022
UpShifted Ideas
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