takes a stand for decency, honesty, and equality. We affirm our deeply held commitment to openness.

We respect and accept all races, sexual orientations, ages, and other positive affiliations when welcoming people into our classes and our work.

We do not attack the old paradigm. We simply want to show a better way.

We abhor any cultural and political expression of disregard for human life and attempts to control, dominate, and be superior to others.


Because recent cultural and political actions are expressions of the old paradigm: domination, control, superiority.

That domination is what people do to Nature and we seek to reverse that.

They are expressions of a centuries-old mindset or framework of thought that we seek to make obsolete by taking positive actions to foster the new paradigm: collaboration between people and with Nature.

The Paradigm we stand for is COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, AND CO-CREATION with our fellow humans and especially with Nature Beings.

We believe that Nature Beings have something to tell humans about living in supportive community...especially during these challenging and transformational times.

Here's how it works in Nature:

All trees operate in community. In the tree's world, one trunk is NOT the "tree."

In the tree's world, all of the apparent individuals are actually a community knit together by the common goals of

  • mutual support
  • health
  • growth
  • strength
  • synergy
  • withstanding climate extremes

All Beings of Nature support each other's goals.

Yes trees, plants, and all Nature Beings have goals at spirit levels.

When undisturbed by human interventions, Nature Beings live their lives by operating in dynamic balance with one another. When in balance, Nature Beings will not seek to dominate or wipe out their host organism.

It's only when they are disrupted by human-centric intentions and/or climate extremes that Nature Beings get out of balance. Only when disturbed, do they lose track of balance, get aggressive, over-reproduce, and cause damage within the ecosystem.

In fact, we ARE also Nature Beings but so many people have lost their way, have become disconnected from the source of life and the gift of continued life that Nature provides for us as food, as the air we breathe, as the water we need, and so much more.

Goals such as equality, mutual understanding, acceptance, and seeking better lives and a livable world are possible. How?

Let's reconnect with our inner spirits, with each other in positive ways, and with Nature Beings.

Thank you.

Ms. Basia Alexander and Dr. Jim Conroy


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Jun 3, 2020
UpShifted Ideas
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