EcoPeace Treaty Structure

Early EcoPeace Treaties

What are EcoPeace Treaties?

Please go to for the explanation. You'll also see links there to other successful EcoPeace Treaty results.

These three videos show early EcoPeace Treaty agreements between two kinds of organisms that are usually at odds with each other.

The agreements are done between the species-intelligence (or consciousness) of the two organisms.

Also, the property owners or caretakers who are responsible on the property take part in the agreement: They must be respectful of the various organisms and not try to destroy or control them in any way.

When organisms are not threatened, they can come into peace and harmony with each other.

Yes, all living Beings are conscious in some way and have the species-level intelligence to know when they are threatened.

Disease on the Collar Only

The agreement that was made around this golf course green worked for the golf course manager and for the organisms involved. It was a negotiation: He said that his players would not tolerate diseases in the green itself where they do putting. But he and they could tolerate the appearance of some disease on the "collar" area just around the green. The negotiation went this way: if the diseases would live only on the collar, then his groundskeepers would not spray deadly chemicals on the green.

Within 3 days after Dr. Jim Conroy did the EcoPeace Treaty, the golf course manager texted these photos showing that the disease organisms and the grasses of the green were collaborating and keeping their word. They were living in dynamic balance. And the people also were in dynamic balance because they were not spraying the green.


The farmer wasn't able to till this fields because of so much early rain. So the "unwanted plants" grew right alongside of the soybeans. After Jim performed an agreement between the soybean plants and the unwanted plants (it was what we would eventually start calling "EcoPeace Treaties") the unwanted plants matured quickly and dried or fell over so that the soybean plants could continue to grow, mature, and then be harvested.


Before we were calling these agreements "EcoPeace Treaties", Dr. Jim did just such a treaty between the algae and the water in this pond.  The property owner was delighted: She said that by September, the pond was usually just a solid mat of algae.

Also, please go to our sister website to see a lot more results of Dr. Jim's work.

Jan 7, 2020
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