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How to Communicate Collaborate CoCreate

How to collaborate as equals? (with an example)

Here's an example of what it could be like for you to engage with a Nature Being and collaborate.
How to Communicate Collaborate CoCreate

How to Communicate Directly with Nature

Nature Communication is an open-minded and heart-centered experience. It's easy to do when you are peaceful or, perhaps, on a walk in the woods.
How to Communicate Collaborate CoCreate

Communicate, Collaborate, and CoCreate are the WAYS to Partner and Restore a Livable Planet

The 3 C's (Communicate, Collaborate, CoCreate) lead you to directly engage with Nature's energy, power, and intelligence. They are the WAY to partner with Nature and to restoring a livable planet.
Go Future Forward

Whispers® for a Livable Planet to Heal Ecological Damage

ÔÇŹThe ecological crisis on this planet is alarming! Practical actions are only half of what is needed for a livable planet.
Engage with Nature

Climate Whispers to Help Trees in GLOBAL FIRES - AUGUST 2020

Find the Fire Prep and Recovery Whispers right here in this post... The extent of the fires are shocking... but YOU can help those living Beings who survive. And please remember to donate to relief organizations, too.
Engage with Nature

What Kinds of People Do Tree or Climate Whispering?

Every kind of people do Tree and Climate Whispering.... Take a look....
Engage with Nature

Taking Nature's Point of View, "Being" a Tree

You can know what another living Being's life is like because you can imagine or intuit looking out through their eyes, feeling their roots or wings, or hearing their inner song. It's a non-linear process--you get to let go of being human for a few minutes and imagine being a tree...or some other Nature Being.
Become an Enlightened Steward

Take the Path to Partnership with Nature

There's a path you can take. The steps along the path lead to a high level of partnership with Nature. What are the steps?