You can boost the energy of trees, plants, and even the people!

Give Mindful Methods we call "Healing Whispers" (like targeted prayers) to Ukraine's trees, land, and PEOPLE.

You will hold these sayings in your heart with intent in your mind to the trees, land, and people of Ukraine.

Don't belittle what you can do. Your sincere wishes and loving intent will help all ... especially if you know that there is a shift of paradigms occurring on Earth right now.

Humanity is transitioning (however painfully) from the old paradigm of domination, control, and superiority into a much better world of partnership, equality, and cooperation.

Those who want to stay back in a lower mode of consciousness fight against the movement toward enlightened change. 

Right here. Right now. It's happening!

And your smallest of kindnesses to others and use of these 'whispers' will help.

Dr. Jim Conroy's years of partnership with these trees in New Jersey set the scene for these words of support.
You may do this as often as you wish...

Breathe and go into a space of inner quiet...

Then, say these words in your heart or out loud with intent toward Ukraine, its peoples and all Nature Beings there.
  1. We are all LIGHT BEINGS: people, trees, plants, animals, others, and the land itself.
  2. We all can be connected together into community in the LIGHT.
  3. So, we ask Light Energy, Life Energy, and Universal Rhythm to come in to all: trees, plants, ecosystems, ecosystem members, the land, and people.
  4. Anticipating spring, please increase the circulation in the trees and plants.  Bring in extra Life Energy.  This will help to all to clear blockages, drive food and fluids to growing points.  All of this will help bring good energy flow within and between each and all, including people.  
  5. Tree consciousness wants to help all.  We are the trees' partners.  
  6. Then, we ask the trees and land of Ukraine to help the people of Ukraine to find peace even in war, and to see clear paths to safety and avoid danger even in war.  
  7. As we go toward spring, we all can flourish-- trees, plants, ecosystems, ecosystem members, the land, and people-- IN THE DIVINE FLOW OF LIGHT ENERGY, LIFE ENERGY, AND UNIVERSAL RHYTHM.

Thank you.

Your partners in Nature... Basia and Dr. Jim

Please email us and let us know how it went for you


Mar 1, 2022
Path to a Livable Planet
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