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THE UPSHIFT, Boosts by Basia

So, About the Future...

The "New Normal" of our own making--What should its components be?
Path to a Livable Planet

Research: From Dr. Jim Conroy's Point of View

Here are the fundamental concepts that I use when I do my research.
THE UPSHIFT, Boosts by Basia

Enlightened Stewardship: Move from "me" to "we" for forest communities

How do you move from "me" to "we" in the care of our forest communities?
Why and How to Partner

What are the Fundamental Concepts and Sciences?

There are 11 basic concepts and relevant sciences that underpin the various methods we have created and teach.
Why and How to Partner

What do we mean by a Network of Ideas?

Interlocking ideas are the basis for all of's approaches and philosophies.
Why and How to Partner

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, and CoCreate are the WAYS to Partner and Restore a Livable Planet

The 4 C's (Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, CoCreate) lead you to directly engage with Nature's energy, power, and intelligence. They are the WAY to partner with Nature and to restoring a livable planet.