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Become an Enlightened Steward

RESEARCH: Summaries of Some Results

RESEARCH: Here is a summary of just a few of the research results over the years. Also, you'll see what our approach, purposes, and questions questions are.
Become an Enlightened Steward

Research: Saving Big Old Trees

Everybody loves those big old trees. They are so majestic and wise. But, like human counterparts, they can get stressed or sick. Dr. Jim Conroy's advanced bioenergy and consciousness methods help these trees regain inner functionality.
UpShift Your Thinking

Everybody Wins or Nobody Wins

Everybody Wins. That's not a "normal" negotiation. Don't most people think that someone has to lose? Well, that's just not true. In order to have a livable planet, EVERYBODY is going to have to win.
Engage with Nature

Examples of Climate Whispering to Help Nature Withstand Extremes

Climate Whispering is what you do to help trees and other Nature Beings withstand the effects of climate extremes. Whispers are conveyed from the heart, mind, and deep soul. They provide Nature beings with the information they need in order to be healthy or recover from stressors such as drought, fire, ice, or storms.
Engage with Nature

Understanding Tree and Climate Whispering

There are 2 kinds of Whispering. Tree and Climate Whispering are approaches to Nature and personal experiences for you. They are practical actions you can do and skills you can develop in order to help trees to be healthy and to prepare Nature to withstand the extremes of climate change.
Become an Enlightened Steward

What Does "Partner With Nature" Mean?

Perhaps you've experienced partnership in life. It's usually about a mutual goal, mutual efforts and mutual exchange. How do you do that with Nature?
How to Communicate Collaborate CoCreate

How do you CoCreate a Livable Planet?

Do you think you have to work with the whole planet? Maybe. But you can simply read the Climate Whispers to a tree in your backyard. That will help because everything is connected to everything!
How to Communicate Collaborate CoCreate

How Do You CoCreate With Nature?

CoCreating? It's a mutual endeavor. It rests on a solid foundation of communication and collaboration then goes further. Unlike most negotiations, CoCreating means that each party works to make sure the other gets what they need.