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Connect with Trees & Nature

AUDIO MP3: Guided Meditation of 5 Easy Steps to Connect With Trees

Connect with Trees here in my FREE Audio. They want to talk with YOU, too.
Do Whispering to Heal

10 Quick and Easy Healing Whispers for Trees and Plants

Do you have a tree that needs healing? Try these Whispers.
Connect with Trees & Nature

Video: I'll lead you through your own connection experience with a massive Valley Oak

Join me as I lead you through making your own connection experience with this immense Valley Oak in California.
Connect with Trees & Nature

Video: Messages from RED and some serendipity with the AMBASSADORS.

You never know what will happen in a public park. :-) See how the AMBASSADORS are doing their job.
Connect with Trees & Nature

VIDEO: How to Have a Connection Experience in a Public Park

Basia gives some advice about how to go through the 5 Connection Experience steps in a public park.
Connect with Trees & Nature

Videos: Engage with a 300+ year old Oak Tree, Give Whispers

Experience the 5 Steps of Connection with this ancient Oak tree.
Connect with Trees & Nature

Video: Showing You My Connection Process With a Redwood Tree

We're starting to travel again after so long! I'm with a favorite Redwood tree--I'll show you my use of the 5 steps of the connection experience.
Connect with Trees & Nature

Video: WHY have a connection experience, part 1

Why would you want to have a connection experience with a tree?