My story of connection with my Guardian Tree. Also, Trelanya gives you a mediation experience: Heart of Oak.

Spanish Missionaries arrived in California in the 1700's.

But the Native Americans of the Bay Area of Northern California already knew of the Spanish colonization since the 1500's happening to the south.

A wise chief--I wish I knew his name--planted the seedling Trelanya near a hilltop and above a small spring with the hopes that the Coastal Live Oak tree would flourish and protect his people. Trelanya was too young and small to do that by the time settlers arrived in the late 1700's. Luckily, they left Trelanya in place... probably ignoring the small tree. They did not ignore his elderly large companion--she was eventually cut down to build some structure.

Fast forward 340 or so years to today.

How do I know all of this? Trelanya told me. While I was in a Connection Experience meditation with the tree, he reveled all that and more.

And how do I know that Trelanya is a guardian being for me?

Our relationship didn't start out that way. I came to the property with Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer, to help another Coastal Live Oak that was very stressed and dying. That was in August of 2014. That year, I don't think I even noticed this massive 4-trucked, 5 story tall tree in the center of the front yard.

Years later, he told me that he was "hiding" from me.

In February of 2015, we returned to continue our holistic and consciousness-based healing work with "Delilah", as the owner of the property calls that tree that was in trouble. I did a property assessment and took a lot of pictures.

Jim was doing his healing treatments on Delilah, so I thought I might take a moment to connect with another tree. I remember pausing by a tree with a big rock stuck in its trunk.

As I put my hands on the massive tree, I got a clear and unmistakable message:

"Go Away!!! I'm meditating!"

I felt shocked and stepped backward.

After a few moments of breathing and trying to figure out whether I made that up... I put my hands on the tree again. I asked permission to connect with it.

Nothing. It was like I was being ignored. A few more minutes and I asked again.

"May I connect with you?"

"Go Away!!! I'm fine. I don't need your help. I'm meditating!"

"OK. No problem. I won't bother you."

An hour later, I was able to talk with Jim. I explained what happened over by that big tree with the rock stuck in its trunk.

Jim said, "Let me try to give it a healing treatment."

Now Jim is very forward when he approaches a tree. Of course, he also asks permission to connect, but I believe that he has a kind of 'let's-get-down-to-the-business-of-helping-you-get-healthier' way about him.

When he touched this tree, I saw him frown, purse his lips, and then clench his jaw. Something strange was happening. Then, his face relaxed. His hands gripped the tree a little harder and he went quiet.

Probably 10 minutes later, he came up for air (so to speak) and said, "This tree just needed a little coaxing. It's not really fine. The drought is hurting it. It needs some help clearing its circulation and making more food for itself." And he continued to determine what the tree needed and to give the tree healing network patterns of information.

Later, we reported to the property owner. She was intrigued by the reluctant tree and asked, "What's its name?"

Barely thinking, I said, "Tre...lan...ya." I was pulling the syllables one at a time as if out of thin air. I'm sure that the tree was giving me its name...or at least a word that humans could pronounce. Trees have their own names for each other that are beyond human language.

"'Trelanya' it is!" the owner said. And 'Trelanya' he has been ever since.

In the late afternoon, I went back to the newly named Trelanya, put my hands on one of the massive trunks. Asked to connect. I felt a kind of warmth in my heart. I'm usually a very verbal type so trees usually like to greet me through language. Yes, they can tell how each person prefers to communicate because they operate entirely in consciousness. Their consciousness overlaps with our own in profound, advanced ways even before we think that we are connected to it.

But this time, there weren't any words. There was just a feeling of acceptance, understanding, openness, and love--all at once. I was relieved. It was also time to go.

But I did manage to get a couple of photos. It was very hard to get a photo of this whole tree. It is so massive!

February, 2015

We returned in August of 2015. This time I brought my writing-pad with me. I had a lot of question for this tree.

This time, it's as if I was welcomed with open arms...actually branches. Trelanya was ready to tell me his story. He was transplanted to that spot by a Native American chief... Here are his words that I received and wrote on paper.

“The Chief consciously invited a 10th Level Oak Sentient to come to him because he knew that strange invaders had come to the lands far to the south, and knew that those invaders would arrive in the tribe’s area eventually.  The chief had the hope for peace in his heart.  
“I, TreLanYa, responded by entering a very fine seed…among about 50 seeds which he planted in a tiny nursery area.  When he and I connected in our spirits, he transplanted me to a position near the crest of the ridge where he knew that there was a very, very deep spring underground.  He knew that the spring would nurture me when I grew, long after he was gone.  And it does to this day.”  

So, Trelanya became my Guardian tree.

In the years since I've met him, I gone into deep meditations with him. He’s given me a lot of good insight into how he lives his life, about the property he lives on, and about other Beings.  

Whisper for Trelanya....

Please go to this other post with a video of me engaging and Whispering for Trelanya.

Make your own Connection to your Guardian Tree

Please use this Audio Meditation: 5 Easy Steps to Connect with Trees.

I'd like to share Trelanya's HEART of OAK meditation with you...

Introductory words translated through Ms. Basia Alexander

Sentient Live Oak Being, San Fransisco Bay Area, CA


The point of view of any particular Oak Being growing on a hill or in a valley or anywhere will have to do with its life in that place.  Seeing through that Oak Being’s eyes—so to speak—would be so enjoyable for a person!  While we Oaks don’t have physical eyes, we have awareness of vibration in a keen way of things around us so we might as well have eyes.  
We do see, but more as a sensor machine would take readings.  We ‘see’ a little like your military’s infra-red goggles tuned to heat, so we perceive shapes.  We do this through our surface-layer of energy—not through any dedicated organ such an an eye.  
Having established our ability to perceive the world around us, we would like to talk about our discernment about the world around us.  
Discernment is a kind of knowing.  How do we know anything?  Well, how do you know anything?  Ahh!  Good question, yes?  
Without taking all the steps of getting master’s degrees in physiology and psychology, please trust us to say that we DO know about our world and your world.  We discern not so much facts or data, but rather differences in the environment as well as people’s intent.  
• We know about subtle differences in humidity.
• We recognize and understand other trees whether they are Oaks or other species of trees or plants.  
• We detect other organisms as well—and know their purposes.
• We determine the best paths for our own growth. In other words we know how to grow a new leaf, a new branch, and a new root, and we know in which direction.  We know how much of our inner resources to apply.
• We differentiate between friendly humans, indifferent humans, and those who would harm us.  
How do we know so much about people?  
Your whole Beingness is located in your heartspace.  Information about your Beingness is contained in the oscillation of your heartbeats.
That information gets radiated out via your surface-layer of energy, and we can read that—shall we say—like a book?  In fact, it is our supreme expertise to do so.  
That is how we communicate with each other.  
The radiating pulse that comes from every living Being is like a song in its variability and beauty.

HEART OF OAK Meditation (click image to play)

Jul 11, 2021
Connect with Trees & Nature
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