It’s February 1st, 2026.  Where are YOU?

I consulted my future self. So, I’ll tell you where I am.  I’m in a world that has IMPROVED over the last 5 years. Okay, it’s not utopia.  There are still problems.  But it’s headed in the right direction.    

Would you like to know what it is like here, now, on February 1st, 2026?  And how humanity got here?

For as unlikely as it may sound to those of you listening to me back in 2021, there really was a sudden willingness of people to stop doing what didn’t work, and that included the ways they were stuck in fear.  For some people, their fear motivated them to get rid of leaders who just wanted to manipulate them.  Others decided that they were tired of fear, tired of doing things the same old way, and tired of being victims of their own bad ideas.   So they started taking  action.  

A lot of people started questioning everything, becoming more discerning.  They opened their hearts and their minds to a new and very practical approach.  They started saying something like this: “Sure, I honor things I’ve been taught in school, by my religion, or by my parents, but now I’m gonna weigh that against doing only things that will make ALL OF US healthy, happy, and living on a healthy planet.”  

You might think, “Oh, people have always been greedy, self-centered, wanting to control, and short-sighted…and always will be.”  Some people still are, but they are becoming a minority.  More and more of us have seen that greed, self-centeredness, control, and immediate gratification are not actually survival skills on the planet.  Yeah, a few people still love their bunkers and their guns.  But even they are coming to see that they can’t lead a good life while holed-up in a basement. They see that they need EVERYBODY else.  Everybody on the planet needs everybody else in order to have a rich-feeling and actually prosperous life.  

How did that change happen?  In lots of ways, but one of the key ways was that people started to listen to their hearts.  It was a change of heart that cascaded into changing minds.  In the heart—that’s where the real truth is.  

Back in the late ‘teens, you know, 2016-2020, a lot of world leaders tried to tell people that only they had the truth, and that everything else was lies.  They invalidated people’s sources of information but worse, they invalidate people’s connection to The Truth—and I don’t mean some fact that can be proven.  I mean personal truth, your inner truth, the truth of your Spirit. People forgot that we are all in this together.

What hurts one, hurts all of humanity—not to mention all of Nature.  Forgetting causes people to feel like victims.

So they started remembering to listen to their hearts again.  A lot of us teachers reminded everyone how we could go inside, listen to Spirit, and do the next right thing for both self and everyone.  Remembering how and then finding heart again was so freeing that more and more people wanted to get involved.  As 2021, 2022, and 2023 unfolded, there was a flowering of environmental, political, and economic engagement and advocacy.

The new attitudes and approaches were NOT combative.  Most people were focused on the RESULT not on the petty details of how to get there. Many people were willing to find common ground—even to go the extra mile—so that good would come for all, not so that they would get credit or feed their egos.  

Seeking good, being kind, making change for the better was “infectious.”  One of the things that got solved because of people’s care for others was infections.  People did right by themselves and others, so the diseases that arose in the 2019 through 2022 timeframe were contained.  Still, as we start 2026, we are always careful, always on the lookout for each other’s health.  Yes, hugging has returned but only when we know we are fully healthy.  And hugging helps us to be healthy!

While technological innovations are constantly happening, I have to say that most people’s orientation toward the wisdom of their hearts is tempering and guiding technology toward what works for all, not into the fringes of darkness. For example, “traveling” virtually helps people lay the groundwork for more earth-friendly trips when they do actually pack their bags.  

You may have known back in the late ‘teens that many governments, companies, and corporations around the world were starting to wake up to their roles in environmental issues, racial justice, and economic well-being. As the years since have unfolded, the awakenings of individuals to their heart-truths has shown up in the companies and governments they work for.  More workers are taking ethical stands in favor of doing what works for all, not just for short-term gain or because some leader is in charge.  That rise of ethics—or you might call it morality—has been particularly pleasing to me because I have my own deep convictions about doing what’s right for all and telling the truth.

One of my life-long passions is trees and Nature.  I love to write and teach about people collaborating with the deep intelligence in Nature.  

I’m delighted to report that now, in 2026, many people are talking with trees and finding trees to be wise advisors.  Trees have been on Earth a lot longer than humans; they have answers.  So people have started asking questions and listening deeply to trees’ wisdom.  

And almost no one thinks it’s weird anymore.  

Sure, companies and governments have come on-board with not just policy but real changes in their ways aimed toward reducing carbon emissions.  It needs to be done but it’s not having a measurable effect yet.  Climate extremes such as stronger storms and hotter fires are still happening.

HOWEVER, people just like you are started to approach their backyards, town, regions, and even global environments from a non-linear solution to this existential crisis.  Tens of thousands of people in all corners of the world have learned how to Whisper from their hearts so they can co-create a livable planet with Nature in partnership.  They are feeling good and they are saving their trees.  

Whispering is about conveying intentional messages from the heart in order to give trees, plants, and ecosystems the information they need at high levels of consciousness.  

With that information, Nature beings such as trees can be more effective and efficient in quickly overcoming the ways that climate extremes and stressors affect them.  

Whispering from the heart is the first step into true partnership with Nature. People who Whisper tell me that they feel empowered, too; no longer helpless in the face of something as big as global climate changes.  

Lastly, here in 2026, some people are finding that their connection to Spirit—their spirituality—is expanding into more satisfying experiences and expressions.They don’t fear the future, don’t feel resigned because disaster is no longer guaranteed. There is a new sense of hope and possibility thanks to their willingness to take on a new way of BEING and thinking: collaboration with ALL and partnership with Nature.  It’s becoming a world where EVERYBODY WINS.

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Feb 1, 2021
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