So, about the future. 

Do we dare think that life can be “normal”?  And after nearly 2 years of this pandemic do we even know what ‘normal’ is any more?  

And maybe that’s not a bad thing because we can create a “new normal” of our own making—just with the caveat that we have to be cautious and take the precautions about staying healthy and safe at the same time as we feel, live, and do what we need to want to do in life.  Our missions don’t stop.  Our need for the basics and for family don’t stop. 

Our need to enjoy life, Nature, and beauty don’t stop.  In fact, cultivating relationships with Nature Beings is more important than ever as we are asked (and it is wise to) stay a a certain distance from other people.  

The New Normal of our own making - What should its components be?  

  1. Self-care and inner quiet first and foremost.  Not just bathing and eating, no, but rather MAKING the time to be quiet.  
  • And that includes parents: carve out time no matter what, create and bring the children into the quiet space that is needed in order to find peace and centering in the wisdom of self.  I see it as really the highest priority and the greatest opportunity of the isolation of pandemic.  
  • Making time to be quiet is the foundation for finding solutions to health, financial, travel, and, well, just living troubles that the pandemic has generated.  True solutions to problems don’t arise in panic.  Notice the similarity of words:  pandemic… panic.
  • And what does one do to be quiet?  Stop talking.  Stop moving.  Stop.  Just stop.  Sit down. Breathe.  Breathe some more.  Count your breaths.  Avoid the temptation to jump up because something occurs to you that you think you have to do.  You don’t.  Well, not at that exact moment anyway.  Just breathe.  Count your breaths.  Count to 20.  Count until you suddenly feel a really deep breath come into you and your shoulders drop.  If you nod off, you probably needed the sleep.  Then just ask yourself a question.  It could be something like: “What is the next right thing for me?”  DON’T rush to answer the question.  You don’t have to have an answer at all right now.  Just keep asking the question.  And breathe some more until you feel quiet inside. Then, you can get up and move on with the day. 
  1. What is the second component of the New Normal of our own making?  Hmmm. 

I see that there is only one component needed in the New Normal of our own making:  Inner Quiet.  

With Inner Quiet, each of us can ask that key question (“What is the next right thing for me?”) from a place of connection with our quiet, honest, and true selves.  

Then, we will be able to create the next right thing in life.  Our future will take care of itself that way.  

And what about the future of the world?  

Imagine if even a modest percent of earth’s people were to make time for inner quiet? ...were to ask “what is the next right thing?” from that place of connection with their quiet, honest, and true selves?  

I think the world would become a better and livable place. 

Don’t you?  

Dec 25, 2021
UpShifted Ideas
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