The ingredients in my recipe for life — successful living — on Earth are these in varying measures:

  • Inner Peace:  Inner quiet.  Peace in the world starts inside, with the choice to forgive one’s self and others, the choice to forget, and then to move on to all the rest of the ingredients. 
  • Mindfulness.  Conscious awareness of one’s surroundings.  And that includes not only other people but also the trees, bees, animals, land, and water.  
  • Kindness.  Allowing self and others to make mistakes. With dashes of compassion and generosity added.  
  • Asking Questions:  Being sufficiently humble to realize that one doesn’t have control over others but ought to ask them what works for them.  And that includes not only asking other people but also asking the trees, bees, animals, land, and water.  
  • Purposefulness:  Doesn’t matter what the topic of the purpose is as long as one feels passionate about it, takes some kind of action on it, receives a sense of fulfillment from it, and probably does some kind of good in the world with it. 
  • Respect.   It turns out to be more than common courtesies like saying “please” and “thank you.”  I looked it up.  
  • And Accepting the Miraculous and Magical.  Allowing one’s self to be guided, lead by Invisible Helpers.  

Then, mix these ingredients in the large bowl of your consciousness.  

Let them rise then spread them over your self.

Offer them to others.  

Wait until the ingredients sink in.  


Jan 1, 2022
UpShifted Ideas
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